Media Tasting at The Pipe District Bistro

When I first entered into The Pipe District Bistro, there’s only one thing that comes across my mind. This place is simply HUGE!! Not just indoor seating with entertainment of the dart machines, there is also an outdoor seating with a bar to chill over some drinks. The Pipe District Bistro is a modern European restaurant located in the West of Singapore. It encompasses with some self made furniture made from pipes, metals and wood. Although The Pipe District Bistro is located out of the convenient Central in Singapore, the ambience is comfortable and relaxing, with no pressure from the outside world. What’s even better is that there is free parking after 7.30pm on weekdays and whole day on weekends and Public Holidays!

It was a nice chat with Lucas, owner and also chef at The Pipe District Bistro. He has many years of experiences in the food industry and also someone who would go for uniqueness in his food creations. And he is also the FIRST to come out with salted egg chicken wing. While chatting with him, I have noticed the passionate flame in his eyes and his love in creating new, unique and good food. A passionate chef is a gem to the food industry. Currently, the best seller dishes at The Pipe District Bistro are Himalayan Salt Block and Charcoal Fish & Chips selections. Moving forward, he is going to introduce rainbow flavour pizza soon!


Like the old saying, good food must satisfy all the criteria; colorful, aromatic and tasty. The cooking aromatic of the beef tenderloin is tempting enough to start feasting immediately. It also comes with some stir fried summer vegetables and garlic fried rice. The beef tenderloin is laid on hoba leaf and cooked on Himalayan salt block. There are 4 eating methods:
  1. You may wish to eat the original beef tenderloin as cooked on hoba leaf.
  2. If you like to have natural mineral salt in your beef tenderloin, cook it over Himalayan salt block. Natural mineral salt will be absorbed by the beef tenderloin. Caution: Don’t cook on the salt block for too long, it will be over salty.
  3. Dip in the mushroom sauce.
  4. Dip in the red wine sauce.
My favourite way of eating is a combination of method 2 and 4. Pan sear for 5 seconds on each side till medium rare and dip into red wine sauce. The taste of fresh beef juice, tender meat flavoured with natural mineral salt and red wine sauce is heavenly. This dish is a must try at The Pipe District Bistro.


Prime Beef Tenderloin at S$32*.





Don’t be mistaken, these fish and chips are not chao ta (burnt). Dory fish is battered with food grade charcoal that is good for body and digestion; giving a crispy and black colored outer. Sturdy and sweet dory fish meat hidden under thin charcoal batter. It is accompanied with sweet potato fries, served with green salad, tartar and vinegar dressing. This charcoal fish and chips is my personal favourite!

Charcoal Fish & Chips (Dory Fish) at S$14*.




The solid and flavourful salted egg sauce and curry leaves with chicken wing leaves a good aftertaste. I like it crispy and it is not too oily and not forgetting finger licking good! Discover other flavours like Classic Buffalo, Italian 4 Cheese Supreme, Chilli Crab Style, Wasabi Mayo and more!

Salted Egg Butter Chicken Wings (6 pcs for S$10*).



Praline folded in fried puff pastry coated with sugar and cinnamon powder and vanilla ice cream. It is something like chocolate filled churros. I like the chocolate and cinnamon powder however the pastry shell is a little too oily for me.

Praline Cinnamon Puff Pastry at S$7*.




Cranberry juice in lovely lightbulb bottle.



I guess this is probably one of the value add desserts that you shouldn’t leave without at The Pipe District Bistro. Indulge in premium green tea dessert and homemade green tea cheesecake topping with imported green tea powder from Japan. It is delicious, sweet, creamy but not too much. It has very complex flavour and texture and will be sure to amaze your taste bud. And it is so pretty!!!

The Hulk at S$8*.

Indoor seating at The Pipe District Bistro.



Outdoor seating at The Pipe District Bistro.



The Pipe District Bistro shop frontage.

*Service charge(10%) applicable.

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Budget Per Pax


How to go The Pipe District Bistro
Operating Hours


11AM – 3PM (Lunch) &

6PM – 11PM (Dinner)

Address and Contact

45 Science Park Road (The Gemini) #01-09/10, Singapore 117407

Contact: +65 6873 0143


Travel and Parking

Parking available at The Gemini. Park closer to lobby C, take the lift up to level 1. You will see a drop off/ pickup point. Walk across that driveway and you have reached The Pipe District!

Travel via public transport.

Exit D;
Walk to the bus stop at Opposite Buona Vista MRT, North Buona Vista Road.

Board Bus 200 at Opposite Buona Vista MRT (11369), North Buona Vista Road.

Alight at Opposite Lamppost 48, South Buona Vista Road, 4 stops later.

Walk 177 metres (about 5 minutes) to The Pipe District Bistro.

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The Pipe District Bistro

The Pipe District Bistro

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