Officially opening its doors in Chai Chee on 8 May 2024, this 350-seater coffee shop is meant to showcase the charm of a traditional wet vegetable market to evoke the nostalgia for vanished hawker centres through the “kampung” vibes.  

The coffee shop has seven F&B stalls, offering over 15 types of live seafood, along with local hawker fare and old-school beverages.  There are complimentary kiddy rides and snacks to keep the kids entertained.

Tan Xiang Cai Shi 01
The headline stall there is the Tan Xiang Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat.  You won’t miss it because it takes up a number of stall-fronts.  Their steamboat has seasonal pomfret fish.  The soup has been simmered for hours with old hen, pork bone, fried fish head and dried scallops. 
Tan Xiang Cai Shi 02
I like how the soup is not significantly diluted even after asking for a refill.  Although I would have preferred the soup to have a stronger yam flavour (having been used to the local style steamboat), the soup is still robust with soft flaky slices of pomfret nestled between the vegetables. 
Tan Xiang Cai Shi 03
Seafood lovers can try their Salted Egg Yolk Australian Lobster (seasonal price) – lobsters coated with creamy salted egg yolk sauce before deep-frying. 
Tan Xiang Cai Shi 04
We also had the Steamed Premium Scallops in Black Bean Sauce but we found the sauce overpowering and ended up being too salty.  It would be better if they dial back on the amount of sauce. 
Tan Xiang Cai Shi 05
The Signature Braised Duck ($18 for small, $36 for medium and $68 for large) is a sharing dish for family dinners.
Tan Xiang Cai Shi 06
I would recommend the Oatmeal Charcoal Tofu with Pumpkin Sauce ($18 for small, $36 for large). The homemade charcoal tofu fried and coated with pumpkin puree for a slight sweetness and topped with crispy oatmeal – similar to the oatmeal you get when ordering cereal prawns. 
Tan Xiang Cai Shi 07
The Coffee Spare Ribs ($18 for small, $27 for medium, $36 for large) are also tender and has a honey glaze so it tends towards the sweeter side. 
Tan Xiang Cai Shi 08
For something more fiery, the Nyonya Style Live La La Claims (seasonal price) coats the la la in a tangy and spicy housemate Nyonya sauce.  

Apart from the variety of seafood available at Tan Xiang Chai Chee, diners can experience the local “la kopi” experience from 2pm to 5pm – every order of la kopi set will have coffee and heart-shaped kaya butter toast and soft boiled eggs.  

Budget per person: $20 – 30 per person
  • Tan Xiang Cai Shi

  • Phone
    +65 8843 1738
  • Address
    510 Chai Chee Lane, S469027
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