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If you’re a fan of Asian and Japanese cuisine, the new Japanese fusion omakase and sake joint at Katong block is for you. Rakuya is located along East Coast Road, where you can find many cafes and restaurants. It’s hard to miss Rakuya logo, with the word “楽” (“fun”) glowing in bold red spotted at dinner. Some of the omakase dishes that are not commonly found in Singapore including mapo chawanmushi, yuzu kaya toast and more. There is a little anxiety as omakase is leave the selection to the chef. Do inform the chef if there is any food allergies or intolerances.


Beef Carpaccio comes with tender raw beef wrapped with mushroom. The mushroom was juicy and burst on each bite. I think the addition of scallion helps to remove any beef gamey smell.


Kumamoto Oyster that is carefully prepared by the chef; attention to detail in his preparation of all the dishes. It was pleasantly not oily despite it was fried. I can still taste briny juices from the oyster.



Salmon Carpaccio served with homemade ponsu and truffle oil. Salmon is from Tasmania; air flown three times weekly. The salmon had a firm texture and a good flavour. Truffle oil lifted a deep earthy flavour without overwhelming the natural taste of salmon.


One of my favourite courses goes to Mapo Chawanmushi. This hot dish is inspired by Sichuan spicy dish, mapo tofu. The mapo sauce added an incredible flavour explosion in contrast to the typical chawanmushi. It is not so spicy, suitable for non-spicy lover too. What’s even better? It also comes with delicate foie gras bites.


I’m sure most of us ate Singapore curry puff before. But, have you tried curry puff wrapped in seaweed in tempura dipping? The fillings are filled with a mix of tuna, potato and curry spices. It may be a little spicy for non-spicy lovers. However, the spiciness is neutralised with the tempura sauce.


I believe this picture tells everything; that CRISP chicken skin!!! The main course, Garlic Chicken opens my appetite. The meat is nicely pan-fried, retaining moist and juice inside. It tasted as good as it is. However, if you wished for more flavour, feel free to tap onto seaweed jam or peanut crush to enhance the flavour.


Did anyone spot the black caviar, ikura and gold fold on the baby pork rib? The ribs were not as juicy as I had hoped but were tender and fell off the bone. Smooth and silky inaniwa udon is soaked in the goodness of bak kut teh broth. The soup broth is full-bodied but not overwhelming. I’ve finished till the last drop.


Ended the meal with mango mouse with azuki bean, furikake crumble, charcoal sponge, mango mousse, egg yolk sponge, salted egg meringue and sprinkled off with matcha powder. The combination was on a sweeter note to my liking and I would have enjoyed more if there are more crunch.


The crisp crust on yuzu kaya toast with caramelizing sugar on top is simply addictive! Must have it in one bite and enjoy the nice kaya lava that melts in the mouth.

The omakase set menu offered by Rakuya is filling and value for money. Some of the unique dishes offered by the chef including mapo tofu, udon bak kut teh and yuzu kaya toast that you shouldn’t miss. Be sure to make a reservation as the sitting capacity at the omakase bar allows a maximum of 14 pax only.

Omakase set menu starting from S$48++ (8 courses) and Ala carte menu from S$16++.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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Budget Per Pax


How to go Rakuya
Operating Hours

Daily 12–11PM

Address and Contact

89 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428790

Contact: +65 6440 7071


Reservation allowed.

Travel and Parking

Nearest parking available at Katong Square/ i12 (opposite Rakuya).

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 48 m to the bus stop at Kallang Station, Sims Avenue.
Board Bus 12 at Kallang Station (80031), Sims Avenue. Alight at Opposite Roxy Square, East Coast Road.
Walk 88 m (about 2 minutes) to 89 East Coast Road.
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