Since early March 2021, Little Farms Bistro at Katong Point has been serving diners with food using all-natural produce and has many plant-based and meat products that are procured from respected, ethical farms.  

Regular patrons of Little Farms might be familiar with their F&B offerings at their other outlets like Tanjong Pagar, Holland Piazza, Valley Point and United Square Mall.  However, the Little Farms at Katong Point is their biggest outlet and they have chosen to launch a full-service bistro. There is also a coffee island serving pastries and a bar offering artisanal wine, draft craft beer and bespoke cocktails. 

Without further ado, we bring you through a snippet of the wide offerings that they have.  We begun our meal with brussels sprouts with bacon and roasted garlic confit – lightly charred greens with bacon and honey.  The bacon is roasted for 3 hours and has notes of sweetness (from the honey) and is highly reminiscent of a jerky.  The brussels sprouts have a slight smokey taste and were so addictive we could hardly resist from popping them into our mouths.  We recommend getting this dish as a starter to share but note that this is exclusively available at the Katong Point bistro, for now. 
Another starter we had was the warm wilted curly kale.  The wilted kale is lightly sautéed with extra virgin olive oil as to preserve its nutrients and aroma.  The kale is then tossed with baby piccolo tomatoes, which are cooked till the skin blisters and the juice within flows out.  Spanish onions are also slow cooked over low heat to draw out their natural sweetness. However, we found this dish slightly over-seasoned and the dash of zest from the tomatoes and yoghurt-based sauce was not enough to counteract the greasiness and saltiness (so perhaps ask for less seasoning if you are intending to get this dish!) 
Frequent diners at Little Farms’ other bistros will recognise this smashed avocado on toast, a welcomed breakfast staple.  Made with creamy Australian avocados, free-range poached eggs and extra virgin olive oil, these ingredients are then heaped atop sourdough toast that is baked in-house using premium Italian flour.  
Next, we also tried their chicken schnitzel burger.  The patty is made of free-range chicken meat and coated with gluten-free breadcrumbs, then deep-fried to a golden crisp.  This burger is served with house-made multi-seed burger buns, mild cheddar, salad and chips on the side.  We thought that the patty was slightly dry but is an option for those who are craving a slightly healthier burger option. 
Beef-lovers should give their Little Joe’s Striploin (220g) a go.  The free-range and grass-fed striploin is specially imported from Australia.  Well marbled, the meat is seasoned with salt and pepper then grilled to perfection and comes with light beef jus made in-house.  Just looking at these hues of pink is making me salivate. 
Fret not for the vegetarians / veggie-lovers out there as Little Farms have options for you too.  In fact, my favourite from the entire meal was this pumpkin gnocchi.  Handmade roasted pumpkin gnocchi are cooked with toasted nuts, fresh sage and topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano and olive oil.  Flavours were on point and biting into these soft pillows were very satisfying. 
Those with a sweet tooth (hello fellow dessert buddies!) can also look forward to a repertoire of desserts, each with a healthy spin.  We tried the new offerings – Superbee Manuka honey cake and the tahini brownie with ice-cream.  The former is made with Superbee Manuka honey from Australia and caramelised condensed milk filling whilst the latter (our recommendation) boasts of chocolatey brownie mixed with tahini (a Middle Eastern condiment made with sesame) and hvala (a Turkish confection made with sesame seed paste, sugar, spices and nuts).  What results is the wonderful concoction of sweet and earthy flavours – a must try for sesame lovers.  You can also choose to add on Hackney vanilla gelato. 
After food, enjoy a tipple at the bar, which strives to create sustainable, low waste cocktails and mocktails.  We were also told that the bartenders have swapped sugar for healthier alternative sweeteners such as agave syrup and honey.  Featured above is the little daisy mocktail. 

Budget: S$25 – S$35 per person
    • Little Farms Bistro

    • Phone
      +65 6241 2803
    • Address
      Katong Point, 451 Joo Chiat Road #01-04 Singapore 427664
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