Drunken Farmer is a familiar name to those who love natural wines and they carry a rather wide range of red, wine, orange, rose and sparkling wines.  Having found a place along Stanley Street (Common Man Stan by day, Drunken Farmers by night), they have now found another spot in the east – at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and Joo Chiat Lane (Common Man Coffee Roasters by day, Drunken Farmers by night). 

This spot in the east is slightly more cozy, and fits in perfectly with the family-friendly estate and adding to the vibrant dining scene there.  You can expect wholesome and gut-friendly sharing plates and a rotation of 14 wines by the glass or over 80 variants by the bottle.  For the uninitiated or adventurous, you can also consider the Farmer’s Selection ($50), which offers three glasses that are curated by natural wine experts to begin your natural wine journey. 

Drunken Farmer 1
The meal started off with the best hot snack they have to offer, and it’s worth every cholesterol boost.  These Black Tiger Prawns ($20 for 6) are coated in a light and crispy batter, skewered, deep-fried and finished with drizzles of smoked paprika aioli.  What you get is a satisfying crunch when you bite into the prawn head (yes, you can eat it whole because it’s so well-fried) and the smoked paprika aioli gives it the slight spicy kick you need.  Squeeze some lime for some added freshness.
Drunken Farmer 5
We also recommend the Sharing Spread Platter ($22) for a cold snack.  It is your perennial platter with a wholesome spread of toasty pita bread, alongside a hearty duo of avocado cream with chilli bits and dill, and pumpkin hummus with nutty textures of praline seeds.  We love the latter – there’s just something about their creamy pumpkin that warms your soul and hey, isn’t this the perfect time of the year for this winter squash?  The deep orange hue is so inviting we had to finish up the rest of the dip even after we were done with the pita bread. 
Drunken Farmer 3
The other cold snack we had was the Drunken Farmer’s Salad ($15).  A medley of fresh seasonal leaves are harvested from local farms and tossed in a refreshing and herbal green dressing together with an assortment of pickled vegetables. 
Drunken Farmer 4
For mains, we had the Chorizo Pizza ($23).  A classic favourite that layers smoky pork chorizo coins and a scatter of red onions over a mozzarella and tomato slathered sourdough base.
Drunken Farmer 2
To pair with our mains, we had the Drunken Farmer Jousset, 2019 ($19 per glass, $90 per bottle).  An exclusive white wine to Drunken Farmer, this Chenin Blanc and Colombard possesses herbal notes with a slight profile of quine and spice.  Crisp and its first sip, its character eventually becomes rounder and punchier with subtle accents of apricot and citrus – truly refreshing and versatile to go with most of the food that is served here. 
Another glass that we had here was the orange Domaine Christian Binner Si Rose, 2018-19 ($23 per glass, $118 per bottle).  It presents some rose notes and flavours on first sip and transitions into bursts of juicy grapefruit with a hint of spices and a rather dry finish.
Drunken Farmer 6
We finished our meal with the Sourdough Waffles ($12 for a small portion, pictured).  You can expect airy waffles with a distinctive sourdough tang.  The vanilla ice-cream and drizzles of coffee-laced toffee caramel helps to cut through the sourness and the almonds provide additional texture.  
Definitely a place to check out when you’re in the hood, with its laid-back vibes.  The reels of vintage silent films that are projected against the cement walls and ceilings also help to set the mood for conversations. 
Budget per person: $25 – 40
  • Drunken Farmer

  • Phone
    +65 6877 4884
  • Address
    185 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427456
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