800° Woodfired Kitchen
800° Woodfired Kitchen, one of America’s woodfired oven pizza chains, known for their leopard print char on the crust has landed in Singapore. I’m excited to be one of the firsts to try the Neapolitan-style woodfired pizza at their first 800° cafe at Kinex.
800° Woodfired Kitchen pizza handmade
Using only Neapolitan flour, imported from Naples, Italy, custom milled to achieve elastic in the crust. It’s hard not to miss the giant wood-fired oven that can reach 800° Fahrenheit, or 420° Celsius, creating the unique leopard print char on the crust. 800° Woodfired Kitchen offers pizzas in 2 sizes, 10” or 14” with 3 pizza bases such as Margherita ( red sauce ), Pesto (Verde sauce) or a plain the Bianc a (white base).
800° Woodfired Kitchen DIY PIZZA - MARGHERITA BASE
You may wish to build your own pizza or choose from a series of specialty pizzas including the Spicy Meatball, the Philly Cheesesteak , BBQ Chicken , Pesto chicken and the Tartufo.
800° Woodfired Kitchen DIY PIZZA - MARGHERITA BASE
Sink your teeth into the Margherita base pizza with mozzarella, beef salami, jalapeno and an beautiful egg yolk in the middle. The dough is soft and chewy with a faint hint of smoky taste.
800° Woodfired Kitchen DIY PIZZA - MARGHERITA BASE
800° Woodfired Kitchen BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA
The crowd favourite BBQ chicken pizza with juicy rotisserie chicken, creamy and stretchy provolone topped with red onion, sun-dried tomato, cilantro on a bed of BBQ base. It’s addictive and you feel like having a second slice after the first.
800° Woodfired Kitchen BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA
800° Woodfired Kitchen TARTUFO PIZZA
Tartufo pizza will definitely please veggie lovers with a generous servings of mushroom, arugula on a bed of mushroom truffle base. The drizzle of Parmesan and truffle taste is minimum.
800° Woodfired Kitchen ROTISSERIE CHICKEN
If not for pizza, I would opt for 800° Woodfired Kitchen’s succulent roasted chicken. Using only fresh chicken, brined and marinated with a blend of herbs and spices, giving the tender bite. You will be spoilt with homemade sauces and sides such as Peruvian Green, Truffle Ranch, Smokey BBQ, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Butter Corn or Garlic Butter Rice. The combo set (roasted chicken and garlic butter rice) might be a good option for a quick takeaway.
800° Woodfired Kitchen Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potato, Butter Corn, Garlic Butter Rice sides
The portion for sides are pretty substantial and good for sharing. As featured Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potato, Butter Corn and Garlic Butter Rice. I would go for savoury mashed potato and fragrant garlic butter rice.

Build your own pizza starting from S$10. Good for sharing with your friends. You might leave with some dusty leopard prints on your fingers.

*GST(7%) and service charge (10%) is applicable.

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