yoshi restaurant omakase appetizer
YOSHI Restaurant provides innovative Japanese cuisine in a relaxing cozy ambience. Chef Yoshiyuki is known for preparing the ingredients in a “Kyo-Ryori” style. The idea is to elevate their natural flavours. At YOSHI, you get to enjoy Yoshi’s 7-course omakase and 7 types of sake (S$248++/pax), available every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month. The omakase and sake pairing is backed by Jack Lau and world sake Sommelier of the year 2018, Mr Joshua Kalinan. The meal is presented allowing the natural flavours to shine and under the influence of omotenashi in Japanese hospitality.

We started off with a few appetizers. Sweet tiger prawn and sugar tomato in water shield with vinegar sauce paired with Kokuryu Junmai Ginjo. The sake is soft, slightly dry and aromatic. Good balance with this appetizer.
yoshi restaurant omakase appetizer
Look here for enticing bites, the pike conger eel jelly, beancurd with a homemade sesame beancurd dressing, seasonal whelk and a side of sweet potato.
yoshi restaurant omakase sushi
Uncover the bamboo leaf to reveal a piece of firmly pressed vinegar sea bream sushi. It’s delicious as the bamboo leaf infuses the vinegar sushi rice with a tea-like flavour. Paired with Zaku Megumi Junmai Ginjo, a lovely aromatic bouquet and taste profile that is very fruit forward with hints of pear. One of my favourite sakes!
yoshi restaurant omakase sake
yoshi restaurant omakase soup
These homemade seabream fishcake is freshly prepared one day in advance. Perfectly bouncy texture with zero fishy smell.
It is served in a Kyoto style clear soup paired with Kaiun Daiginjo. This sake is mild with an assortment of fruity flavours like melon, pear, apple, and honey elements.
yoshi restaurant omakase appetizer
Crunchy white sweet shrimp served raw with a pinch of grated wasabi.
yoshi restaurant omakase sashimi
The nicely sliced flounder is delicate with a mild, sweet understone and a firm texture.
yoshi restaurant omakase otoro
The amazing diced fatty tuna belly (otoro) gave an ultimate rich and creamy experience. The oiliness also feels like it melts in the mouth. Because the otoro is oily, the chef has added grated radish and refreshing ponzu dressing. It adds flavours to it without worrying about overwhelming the taste. It is paired with Atago No Matsu Karakuchi with a reasonably well-balanced sweetness.
yoshi restaurant omakase sake
yoshi restaurant omakase uni
I’m in for a feast! Chef made a special handroll for me. OMG, my favourite uni and otoro packed in it. Look at the creamy uni, I’m drooling at my own photo.
yoshi restaurant omakase sake
yoshi restaurant omakase scallops
Exquisite pan-grilled Hokkaido scallop topped with truffle infused caviar. It not only fills your tastebud, but also your sense of smell. It is paired with Seasonal Shushushu Nama Nigori Summer. Unlike the usual clear sake, Shushushu is cloudly in appearance with an umami sweetness.
yoshi restaurant omakase sake
yoshi restaurant omakase set
Sweet fish warm claypot rice alongside with seasoned pickles with bonito flakes and a bowl of hot miso soup are best paired with Ohmine 3 grain Aiyama. The sake gave a refreshing scent and sweet and sour taste of muscat and lychee are combined.
yoshi restaurant omakase sake
yoshi restaurant omakase dessert
The meal ends off with a slice of sweet melon and a scoop of matcha ice cream topped with sweet red bean paired with Hakkaisan Awa Sparkling Sake. The fruity aroma rounded with a gentle sweetness complements with the dessert.
yoshi restaurant omakase sake
As we can’t travel to Japan, YOSHI Restaurant offers an authentic Kyoto dining experience in Singapore!

Be sure to make your reservation in advance as YOSHI offers this special omakase with sake pairing only on every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month.
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    583 Orchard Rd, Forum The Shopping Mall, #B1-39, Singapore 238884

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