Travel back to the 80s with YÀN’s refreshed À La Carte Menu, showcasing Classic Cantonese cuisine alongside the contemporary signature dishes of YÀN. Simple dishes yet using precise cooking methods to bring the natural flavours of the produce with a sense of nostalgia.

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Nothing is more soul-soothing than a bowl of Double-Boiled Oxtail Soup that has been simmered for hours. Australian oxtail is incredibly tender and imparts a unique flavour to the radish and soup. Whiskey is added at the end increasing depth and complexity to the traditional double-boiled Cantonese soup.
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I’m always a big fan of YÀN’s steamed dishes and Steamed Crab with Nu Er Hong Chinese Wine never fail to impress me. Silky smooth thick bee hoon and egg white that are soaked in the goodness of the steamed crab essence enhanced with Nu Er Hong Chinese Wine. 
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A savoury showstopper, Poached Grouper Fish Fillet with umami-packed prawn stock poured upon serving and topped with crispy rice. Special mention to the sliced Chinese yam that has a sweet tasting and crunchy texture. 
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Not forgetting popular dishes like Salt-baked Whole Free-range Chicken with ginger scallion dipping sauce and Signature Traditional Yàn Claypot Rice. Be amazed by the premium quality preserved duck, Chinese sausage, liver sausage and even the seasonal greens. We had Sauteed Taiwan Cauliflower with Homemade Spicy Shrimp Sauce. The assorted ingredients led to a nice oily yet savoury rice.
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Ended the meal with a bowl of warm and smooth Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts and Coconut Milk.
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