The World Gourmet Summit (WGS), in collaboration with Pacific Northwest Seafood and Angliss Seafood, are fishing up a treasure trove of flavours for consumers to feast upon. 

From 4 October to 17 October, the WGS x Pacific Northwest promotion menu will be available at Holy Crab – centrally located at the iconic Capitol Arcade exuding different characters depending on whether you visit it during the day or night. 

The two dishes on the WGS x Pacific Northwest promotion menu are Rockstar and Dover Grilled Rojak – both fish dishes but prepared in completely different ways.

The Rockstar is a fish deep-fried in a light batter, served with superior sauce (akin to the light sauces you get with steamed fishes at Chinese restaurants).  It is then topped with spring onions and ginger for aromatics and crowned with Holy Crab’s specialty chilli star.  The chilli star shone with its flavours – sweet, salty and spicy all at once.  The spice is not too intense, but rather, complements the lightly battered fish.

The Dover Grilled Rojak, on the other hand, is dover slow-grilled with in-house rojak paste over banana leaves.  The spices used in the rojak paste include the usual suspects in rojak, hence its name.  Charred lime is served on the side cut through the savoury shrimp paste flavour.  We thought that this fish could be grilled slightly longer for a more smoky taste, but the freshness of the dover made up for the lack of char.
Apart from the WGS x Pacific Northwest offerings, we also managed to try 2 other dishes from Holy Crab’s menu.  One of which was the seasonal vegetables, onions and garlic with pork lard.  Sounds unassuming to you?  It was a very delectable dish that is bound to let veggie-resistant diners go for more.  Perhaps the pork lard and the other accompanying aromatics added in this dish are the keys to its addictiveness.  This is not your normal greens. 
The Wokhei Holycrab Fried Rice was the other dish on Holy Crab’s menu.  Wok Hei – check.  Generous ingredients – check.  Will order again – check.
In the middle of our meal, the lights went off.  Then we saw these little green things illuminating the room.  Turned out to be the Enchanted Forest – made out of kaya ice cream and cotton candy cloud with smashed digestive biscuits as the “sand”.  Definitely one for the ‘gram. 
Budget per person: $25 – $35
  • Holy Crab

  • Phone
    +65 8444 2722
  • Address
    13 Stamford Rd, #01-85 Arcade @ Capitol, Singapore 178905
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