Thinking about heading out and visiting a restaurant this weekend? Rejoice! Lobster & Burger has launched weekend brunch with creative cocktails at The Jewel Changi Airport and Raffles Hotel. The weekend brunch is available from 11am to 3pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The new combination of grilled corn ($6++) on the cob and mala giving the sweetcorn a hint of spicy and minimum numbing effect. Glad that the kernels are still plump and exceedingly juicy.
The tightly bunched florets of Fried Cauliflower ($6++) is served with a side of lime cilantro mayonnaise. We would have enjoyed more if they’re less dense and more crispy!
You can’t miss out, Where’s my culture? ($20) Carefully blended with green chartereuse, midori melon, pineapple, citrus, cream and an egg, giving a sweet and smooth aftertaste.
Bloody Mary Roll ($24++) is overflowing with chunks of chilled Nova Scotian lobster with spicy tomato mayo, celery salt,
and topped with charred cherry tomatoes. Those who prefer their lobster rolls chilled can try this!
The Signature B & L Lobster Benedict ($26++) features a 64-degree sous-vide molten lava-like egg yolk served on a bed of chilled, chunky Nova Scotian lobster with lobster bisque mayo, crushed avocado and crispy bacon bits in a lobster bisque hollandaise sauce.

The creaminess and luxuriousness of lobster meat and lobster bisque is sure to satisfy your lobster cravings. However. we felt that this chilled creation gets too overwhelming as it gets too “jelak” towards the end.
An indifferent Waffles Ice Cream and Raspberries ($18++). Thick layer of Belgian waffles creating a very dense texture. However, there is a little surprise in this waffles with crispy sugar popping!
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