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Wa-i Sushi is derived from the word 耶 寿司. The cosy 14-seater Japanese Omakase Restaurant is founded by a Christian and backed by two experienced chefs, Simon and Steven whom you might see them in action at famous Japanese restaurants like Shima, Magosaburou, Sushi Nogawa and Fish Mart Sakuraya. Happy to know that Wa-i Sushi has air flown seasonal ingredients for 3 times a week from Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market.

Our omakase dinner started off with a set of jelly topped with sea urchin and octopus with seaweed. I’ve started scooping the pieces of octopus and seaweed and was caught unwanted by the presence of chilli padi. It definitely spiced my palate and screaming for more cold tea. The bouncy jelly with creamy sea urchin is a pleasant one. I would recommend to have it all in one mouthful and enjoy the fresh minty after taste.
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Who can resist thickly sliced sashimi? Featuring 3 types of sashimi namely scallops with caviar and gold leaf, yellowtail, fatty tuna and also seared Japanese sea bream. The assorted sashimi are decently fresh with no bad smell or taste. However, I was questioning whether it’s fatty tuna (otoro) or medium fatty tuna (chutoro). It wasn’t fatty to the point of falling apart, neither does it melt in the mouth.
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The light radish soup with a touch of sweetness from carrot accompanied with deshelled snow crab claw and shiitake mushroom.
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Grilled scallop with mentaiko sauce is creamy and bursting with umami.
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A delicate slice of striped jack is topped with wasabi tobiko (flying fish roe) and pressed firmly on a small pod of sushi rice. Rest assure, the wasabi tobiko is more crunchy over spicy.
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A simple flame torched A5 Wagyu Beef placed a lot on the freshness of the meat. As you can see from the picture, the perfect marbling. It is satisfactory and leaves an oily aftertaste. The only fats that I don’t mind having more! Dip into their secret recipe savoury sauce for a more satisfying experience. As most of us could have overlooked the side ingredients like shredded radish and carrot, chef has drizzled some sauce to bring out the taste and texture of the vegetables so that they don’t go barely dressed.
wa i sushi menu 08
The luxury prime piece of otoro (fatty tuna) topped with caviar and gold flakes. This slice of otoro is slightly oily as compared to the sashimi.
wa i sushi menu 09
Salmon roe sushi is served on a spoon that makes it easy to eat. The bursting fish roes come with a mild and neutral flavour.
wa i sushi menu 10
One of my favourite piece for the night – Aka Ebi (red shrimp) sushi. It is very sweet, fresh with robust flavour. Chef has brushed a light sauce that is simply perfect, it does not overpower the shrimp’s sweetness.
wa i sushi menu 11
When the clean tasting of Japanese sea bream (tai) meets the creamy sea urchin (uni). I liked it that the chef made a small pod so that I can have it in one mouthful.
wa i sushi menu 02
Seriously, I can’t believe that I’ve fished out a thick and big slice of yellowtail! This bowl of tofu and clam miso soup has a wonderful briny flavour different from your usual miso soup.

Next, we were also served with sea urchin (uni) handroll and sea eel (anago) nigiri.
wa i sushi menu 12
We were served with one whole slice of Japanese honeydew and strawberries. Unfortunately, the honeydew seemed to be under ripe, rather hard and tasteless. The strawberries on the other hand are sweet!

Wa-i Sushi’s Signature 8-course Omakase is priced at S$200++ per person.

Dining at Wa-i Sushi has the comfort of dining in a local restaurant serving Japanese food. I would have enjoyed more if the sushi rice is served warm. Do note that the items are on rotation basic, you might not get the same menu as you see here.

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