Restaurant bar Vin Geek quietly opened its doors mid-this year at Pacific Plaza.  However, its name is probably known by wine-lovers.  Upon entering the restaurant bar, you’ll be greeted by the DIY wine dispenser – with approximately 20+ bottles on tap at any time, a selection of whites, reds and roses.  All of them are available in a tasting portion (30ml), half glass (90ml) or full glass (180ml), with prices as low as $2.50+ for a tasting portion.  

Ordering is simple: choose a wine, scan the QR code and cart out.  The chosen vino will then be dispensed into your glass! 

Vin Geek 01
This Christmas, they are serving a special 3 or 4-course menu: a salad, a small plate, main and dessert.  The salad is a 125g burrata cheese with a generous serving of arugula, cherry tomatoes and balsamic dressing. 
Vin Geek 03
For the small plate, we had the scallop & endive, that comes with a cauliflower puree and dill.
Vin Geek 02
The lobster risotto is my favourite dish.  The risotto is cooked in lobster stock, garnished with parsley and hints of fresh lemon.  A good portion for sharing if you’re there in a group, but otherwise it is also good for one with your choice of wine to wash down the carb.
Vin Geek 04
Some other sharing dishes from the menu include the pork loin served with charred cabbage and mango chutney.  The meat is tender and sliced for easy eating and pairs well with the red wines on tap.
Vin Geek 05
The flat steak was another dish that stood out in terms of flavour.  Well-seasoned and finished with a sear for a smoky aftertaste.  The accompanying charred broccolini was also on point.  However, when the steak was first served to us, it was a tad too pink in the middle so we had to send it back.  
Vin Geek 05
We also had the tiramisu as our dessert. The menu at Vin Geek is fairly “safe” and does not reinvent the wheel.  Most of the dishes are well-executed save for some hiccups along the way.  However, the focus of the place is definitely on the wines.  And the food is conceptualized to complement the vinos.  Check out the place if you’re keen to sample a variety of wines or are exploring which sorts of wines you would like.  There is also a range of gourmet food products available so feel free to wander about.  

Budget per person: $35 to $50 per person
  • Vin Geek

  • Phone
    +65 6334 1622
  • Address
    9 Scotts Rd, #01-04/05/06/07, Singapore 228210
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