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Getting lost on your visit to Taiga?

Be greeted by the wide rockscape as we set off at the foothills. Ascend upwards through the narrow crevice in the mountain that leads to the gastronomical experience at the Sushi Counter.

taiga omakase interior
The restaurant’s ambience reflects conventional design, stylish dark wooden furniture, accentuated by the architectural and lighting design in a dark and contemporary arrangement where the diners sat. An intimate 13-seater fine dining sushi-ya, Taiga is helmed by Master Chef Taiga Kanekuni at Conrad Singapore Orchard. He is a Shokunin of Edomae sushi restaurants in Niigata and Tokyo, indisputable in preparation with impeccable technique and precision. Being a head chef at Taiga, he believes that it is an important role in showcasing the storied craft of Edomae sushi by intensify the natural flavour of the food without changing it.
taiga appetizer 1
Appetiser 1 – The omakase kicks off with chawanmushi topped with generous servings of premium black caviar. The soft egg custard simply melts in the mouth and ends with ocean mild saltiness from the black caviar.
taiga appetizer 2
Appetiser 2 – Sakura fish tempura is served with a side of horse radish. Flaky and fresh fish without any fishy smell or taste, while the thin batter is crisp and flavourful.
taiga appetizer 3
Appetiser 3 – Warm your tummy with dashi broth before moving to the nicely-pressed sushi. This soup is also served with a slice of firm fish cake, tempura crumbs and Japanese chives.
taiga omakase sushi 1
Sea bream sushi has a lovely clean taste and firm meaty texture. Also, served with homemade pickles from kochi, such that we could cleanse our palate in between courses of sushi.
taiga omakase sushi 2
Amberjack sushi is served with a tap of wasabi, the firm and slightly sweet white fish is pleasant.
taiga omakase sushi 3
Sea perch is slightly seared over charcoal, resulting in a nice smoky aftertaste. Had two yummy pieces as I’m skipping all tuna sushi including Chutoro.
taiga omakase sushi 4
If you’re craving for a stronger and oily mouthfeel dark meat, bonito from kochi prefecture is good for you. The fishy taste is way too strong for us.
taiga omakase sushi 8
Blue fish is oily and soft in taste, served with a tap of wasabi to remove any fishy taste.
taiga omakase sushi 5
The thickly sliced squid taste is surprisingly mild and comes with a slight sweetness that makes it enjoyable with Japanese sushi rice and a tap of wasabi.
taiga omakase sushi 6
taiga omakase sushi 7
Botan shrimp is thick and firm to bite with a sweet tasting. Botan shrimp is the tastiest when it is served shortly after preparation. It’s so fresh that can you see the ebi tail is “dancing”.
taiga omakase uni mini bowl
Not your usual mini bowl, it is well mixed with creamy uni and seven mixed spices.
taiga omakase Bafun & auction grade Murasami uni from hokkaido
Double happiness when I received TWO TYPES OF UNI (Bafun & auction grade Murasami uni from Hokkaido)!!! Creamy with a subtle umami flavour profile, simply an indulgence to have!
taiga kyoto miso soup
A quality cup of Hojicha and Kyoto miso soup are served hot. The hojicha leaves a nicely toasty and mellow taste while the soup is comforting and full of savoury flavours.
taiga dessert white truffles castella cake
A savoury dessert is served, castella cake is topped with summer white truffles and maple syrup.
  • Taiga Dining

  • Phone
    +65 8031 4306
  • Address
    1 Cuscaden Rd, #01-03/04 Conrad Singapore, Singapore 249715
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