The good thing about dining at Sushi Tea is that you get to have the familiar dishes from their ala carte dishes but also get to try new dishes from their seasonal menu.  This winter, delights such as Miyazaki Beef and yuzu buri are the featured dishes. 

sushi tei winter menu 01
The yuzu buri, known for its slightly firmer texture, comes from the Nagazaki prefecture and is served as a carpaccio ($16.80).  The zesty yuzu sauce and the radish rolled between the fish makes this a good option for an appetiser.
sushi tei winter menu 02
Another snack that was popular with my dining companions is the Unagi Mentai Slider ($12.80).  Each slider consists of a sheet of deep-fried gyoza skin and unagi topped with cod roe mayonnaise, mango and tobiko.
sushi tei winter menu 03
The Age Kani Tofu ($13.80) is likely to find favour with children.  Crab tofu is deep-fried until golden brown and served with a sweet-sour tonkatsu sauce.  The texture of the tofu is more similar to fishcake.
sushi tei winter menu 04
My favourite from their Winter Menu is the Ebi Curry Roll ($9.80).  Deep-fried prawn is rolled into a sushi and topped with lobster salad then drenched in Japanese curry.  As with usual Japanese curry, the spice for this is fairly mild.  This combination somehow works and is a good sharing dish. 
sushi tei winter menu 05
The star dish in its winter menu is the Miyazaki Wagyu Steak ($37.80).  The beef is pan-fried slightly and arrayed with ikura for added umami.  As you can see, the meat is on the fattier side and the sweet-tangy sauce that comes with it helps to cut through that.
sushi tei winter menu 06
For a more substantial meal, the Miyazaki Wagyu Fried Rice ($15.80) sees the same Miyazaki beef tossed in Sushi Tea’s signature garlic fried rice and egg.  

One would usually observe queues outside Sushi Tei at mealtimes and it is no wonder why – there is something on the menu for everyone and the prices are also relatively affordable.  Their seasonal menu also offers new dishes to diners every now and then.  Do note that this winter menu is available up till 14 March 2023 before they change things up again.  

Budget per person: $20 to $30 per person
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