Does the name Sol & Ora ring a bell?  If it does, you probably have heard of or even visited Sol & Luna, a bistro at CapitaSpring, Raffles Place.  Riding on the success of its sister restaurant, Sol & Ora is 1-Group’s latest multi-concept beachfront project and is perched on the rooftop of the Outpost Hotel, a stone throw from Imbiah Station.  It is an all-day dining restaurant with a menu inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, specifically from the countries of Italy, France, Spain and Greece.  

Sol & Ora 01
Although we visited on a chilly weekend morning, we had a glass of Summer Solstice – a cocktail with Old Sport gin, Greek 5-herb tea syrup and rose syrup to start our meal there.  It was light and refreshing with distinct floral flavours from the herb tea syrup and the rose petals. 
Sol & Ora 02
We had two items from their Weekend Brunch / Daily Breakfast Menu – Bagel Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and the Sol & Ora Fontina Scrambled Eggs.  The former consists of nutty, toasted sesame bagel with poached eggs, smoked Hollandaise and smoked salmon.  There is also the option of smoked ham.
Sol & Ora 03
The highlight of the Sol & Ora Fontina Scrambled Eggs, as the name suggests has to be the creamy, soft egg curds cooked with fontina cheese, served alongside crispy bacon, roasted Roma tomatoes, roasted button mushrooms and sourdough toast.  
Sol & Ora 04
During our visit, we were informed by the staff that the place is rather popular with diners for the dinner service as they are treated to a wonderful view of the sunset.  If you’re visiting in the evening, then you can try the La “Bomba” as an appetiser.  This Spanish tapas is a deep-fried breaded sphere of minced chicken and potato, seasoned with a Mediterranean spice then drizzled with house-made aioli and a piquant, spicy tomato passata sauce.  
Sol & Ora 05
As you would know, I am a pasta lover so I had to try one of the offerings from their pasta menu.  The Cavatelli Pasta consists of squid, crab, amalfi lemon, red onions and spinach.  The seafood stock and the ingredients reminded us of an italian version of our local hokkien mee, so this dish was highly relatable. 
Sol & Ora 06
Other mains include the Seared Red Norwegian Salmon and Wood-Fired Wagyu Bavette.  The flavours of Sicily are brought out in the Salmon dish with the Trapanese pesto accompanying the moist salmon fillet.  Made with a blend of almonds and pecorino, the pesto sauce is unlike the usual that uses pine nuts and parmigiano.  This was voted as the favourite dish among my dining companions.
Sol & Ora 07
The Bavette on the other hand is served with truffle sauce and Maldon salt.  We thought that the steak was a little tough, so do inform the staff of the doneness if you are getting this dish. 
Sol & Ora 08
A plant-based dish for vegetarians is the Imam Bayildi.  A classic Mediterranean dish with Arabic origins, the eggplant is first wood-fire scorched, hollowed then stuffed with a filling of eggplant braised in tomato, coriander seeds and cinnamon, followed by baking in the oven in a tomato sauce.  Lastly, the eggplant is topped with crumbled Persian feta cheese and peppery rocket leaves.  
Sol & Ora 09
We rounded our meal with churros with chocolate dip and Tarte Tropezienne. 
Sol & Ora 10
I thought that the French Tarte Tropezienne was unique, a vanilla pastry cream sandwiched between fried brioche buns, finished with a dusting of powdered sugar and toasted desiccated coconut.  

As you can see, there is a wide variety of offerings on the Sol & Ora menu so give it a try if you want somewhere more private and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.   

Budget per person: $30 to $40 per person 
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    +65 8879 8765
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    10 Artillery Ave, #07-01, 099951
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