So happy that there are more and more Japanese restaurants opening in Singapore. Sen-ryo, hailing from Tochigi, Japan, has opened its first Singapore outlet has opened in Ion Orchard. A little background on Sen-ryo, established in Japan in 1999, known for their authentic Japanese cuisine crafted by artisan chefs and expertise in seafood like tuna. Sen-ryo thus expanded into Hong Kong with a total of 13 outlets. And finally to Singapore on 1 April 2021. Not to miss some of the exclusive dishes that are specially crafted for Sen-ryo Singapore. Special note to sustainably-grown Koshihikari rice from the Aomori prefecture and artisanal vinegar traditionally fermented in the Gifu prefecture that you see in the rice dishes.

Here’s one of Sen-ryo Singapore exclusive dishes, handmade sweet Japanese omelette (S$2.80) drizzled with savoury torched mentaiko.
The sophisticated taste and a distinctive fat marble in Otoro (S$24) is definitely irresistible!
The presentation of this DIY Hokkaido Uni (S$58) is definitely kawaii! The Hokkdaido sea urchin is set on a kawaii half-board with salmon roe and Japanese cucumber strips, Japanese rice placed separately in a bowl and sheets of roasted seaweed by the side. You may wish to create a mini uni sushi or the luxe uni indulgence with your preference. Savour as the sea urchin melts in the mouth gently.
Placing your faith in the chef, you can choose from any selection of handcrafted sushi creations. Special mention to the signature Sen-ryo sushi (S$8.80), built on minced fatty tuna, salmon roe and sea urchin. Luxe in one mouthful! Tuna lovers will be delighted with double tuna in Shio Koji Negitoro (S$6.80) with a touch of fermented salt seasoning.
Soft shell crab may seemed to be unhealthy. However, it is a welcoming refreshing starter packed with fresh slices of mango, lettuce, onion strips all cushioned in Vietnamese rice paper. Don’t forget to dip into the tropical mixture of sweet, sour, spicy and tangy sauce. Soft Shell Crab and Mango Nama Haru Maki (S$16.80) is definitely is packed with fresh flavours.
Grilled Chicken Thigh in Charcoal Style Sauce (S$7.80) is filled with charcoal infused sumiyaki sauce. The meat is decently tender but was too salty to our taste bud. What I enjoyed most is the yuzu sauce, it definitely helps to neutralise the saltiness and combines well with this dish.
You might be shock at the value-for-money Kaisen Dobin Mushi priced at only S$6.80. I’ve enjoyed this clear soup very much! It is made with red snapper dashi and ends with a clean and sweet tasting from the seafood like scallops, prawns, clams and also shimeji mushrooms.
Complete your cravings for beef and foie gras in this dish! Grilled US Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras (S$28) is another exclusive dish in Sen-ryo Singapore. Each slice of US tenderloin is grilled with a nice pink blush in the middle, decently tender and smothered in flavourful sauce and onions. I’ve enjoyed the beef with the yuzu sauce from the previous grilled chicken thigh dish! HAHAH!!
When I took one bite of the milky Kuzukiri noodles slathered with Japanese soy milk and dashi, I can’t stop! Kaisen Soy Nabe (S$32) is something that I would love to have on a cold night. The pipping hot soup was light, moreish and comforting packed with King Snow Crab legs, scallops, carrots, vegetables and shiitake mushrooms. Pssst, the scallops are simply huge!!!
Be amazed with the perfect wobbly Mizu Warabi Mochi (S$5.80). Definitely a boomerang-worthy shot with its crystal clear appearance. It is lightly sweetened with roasted soybean powder and black sugar syrup.
Cream Catalana with Mixed Berries (S$9.80) is a good treat to end off a meal.
There is an extensive sake collection which include Ohime 2 Grain Hiire Yamadanishiki from the Yamaguchi prefecture, award-winning sake Dassai Junmai Daiginjyo Migaki Niwari Sanbu (23) and Hyakujuro Jumai Daiginjyo Black Face made in the Gifu prefecture.
It begins with the intimate sake bar as you walked through the entrance of Sen-ryo. Warm beams contrast with columns of wood accents throughout the bar and sushi counter. While every dining place is different, Sen-ryo might surprise you with some sofa seats in the main dining hall. While seats are limited, do make a booking before your visit to avoid disappointment!
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    +65 6974 6782
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    2 Orchard Turn, #03-14, Singapore 238801
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