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Keisuke Group has brought a series of Hokkaido-style dishes into Sapporo Misono Singapore. Sapporo Misono, the 9th concept store, offering earthy flavours of fermented Japanese soy paste, smoked egg and scorched shoyu ramen.

Potato mochi is a popular traditional Hokkaido snack. The springy and chewy texture of the Hokkaido potatoes plus the aroma and savoury from teriyaki sauce makes this a snack that you cannot stop eating once you start. It can be even better if it is crispier on the outer. Hokkaido Potato Mochi (S$6.90++) is best eaten hot and quickly as the butter melts way too quickly!
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A fluffy Japanese rice ball topped with a savoury chasyu mixed in mayonnaise filling and flying fish roes. Chasyu Mayonnaise Rice Ball (S$10.90++) is a good way to snack in a light way, while waiting for your ramen. We felt that it is quite pricey for these snacks.
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Deep Fried Crab Pincer (S$8.90++) bursts into a creamy pool of relish in your mouth as you bite through the crispy fried panko bread crumb coating.
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Get a glass (S$19++) of HOKKAIDO Jyunmai Ginjyo for a more authentic experience.
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Scorched shoyu, butter and corn are the centrepieces in Scorched Shoyu Ramen Butter & Corn Special (S$16.90). These three special condiments enhanced to the Shoyu broth with a hint of smoky taste. Here, I’ve opted for pork loin chasyu. They’re sliced thinly, so tender in the savoury broth.
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For the first time, Sapporo Misono has launched a special yellow Sapporo noodles that have been aged for 5-6 days so that it had a more springy-chewy texture.
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Hokkaido Miso Tsukemen with Smoke Flavoured Egg (S$16.90++) is like a dipping ramen. The delicious salty is packed with strong flavour. However, we felt it was too salty to our liking.
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Ended the meal with a cup of Hokkaido Premium Milk Soft Cream with Mixed Berry and Mango (S$6.50++ each). The milk soft cream is rich and milky, not too sweet. However, I got a brain freeze from the mixed berry. The fruits are frozen and thus more sour than regular raw berries.
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It’s hard not to spot the Ezo brown bear at Sapporo Misono entrance. Also, the communal table curved shape of Hokkaido island makes for comfortable seating, with some wood logs as chairs to tuck under.
  • Sapporo Misono

  • Phone
    +65 6254 7619
  • Address
    9 Raffles Boulevard #02-15 Millenia Walk, 039596

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