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Who could have thought there’s a hidden gem in the busy Duxton Hill enclave! A modern take on Japanese cuisine in a dim and cozy with yellow lights restaurant makes it a relaxing place to dine with your friends or family.


Stimulate the appetite with assorted 3-kinds appetiser with oyster from France with dashi jelly, carbonara sea urchin with squid strips and pork patty cubes with miso sauce. The dashi jelly simply melts on the tongue, just like water, and slowly spreads a very light essence of the sea flavour in your mouth. This concoction accompanies their oyster from France. The squid strip that looked like pasta is a surprise! Perfect soft and tender squid texture in creamy carbonara and briny sea urchin.


I can see that much effort is put into preparing this omakase meal like 5-kinds tomatoes sourced from different countries including Japan and France. Each type of tomato has it’s own distinct sweetness, sourness and texture.


Sashimi was incredibly fresh, exquisite beautifully presented on a bed of ice with freshly ground wasabi on the side. You can expect one whole live Boston lobster, Korea abalone and sashimi like halibut, seabream, sea jack.


The assorted five pieces nigiri sushi including seabream, sliced jack, tuna, halibut. Chef Noburu is thoughtful to glaze soya sauce and tap of wasabi in each nicely pressed nigiri sushi.


In this creamy lobster bisque, you’ll find bites of sweet lobster meat in a beautifully rich broth.


This hot appetiser foie gras with plum sauce combination is delightful and wakes up your senses. Nice char on both surfaces while leaving the centre of the foie gras creamy.


Sherbet to cleanse the palate before the main course.


The black cod gets marinated in a sweet and savoury miso marinade with a crisp skin and satisfying texture.


Wagyu steak with flecks of marbled fats dissolved into a rich buttery flavour. It is served with a special wasabi sauce that tasted like a mixed of mustard and peanut.

And fret not if you don’t take beef, there is lamb steak option too. However, I’m not a fan of their lamb steak as there’s a gamey taste but the texture was just right!



Choice of Sukiyaki rice bowl with miso soup or Abalone risotto.

The sukiyaki rice bowl is glammed up by using beef slices, thinly shaved truffle and wobbly egg. After having a good wagyu steak, the sukiyaki beef does feel slightly inferior. I do appreciate that they used shaved truffles and not truffle oil for the extra flavour.


Choice of dessert: Crumble, pear gelee with vanilla ice cream or Pavolo with yuzu, mango and passionfruit.

As I had Sukiyaki rice bowl in my previous course, crumble, pear gelee with vanilla ice cream tasted light to me. On the other hand, I do enjoy sweet and tangy pavolo with yuzu, mango and passionfruit set on a cookie base with a delightful crunch.


Special Omakase (10-course) at S$200 per pax.
1️⃣Assorted 3 kinds Appetizer
2️⃣5 kinds Tomato Salad
3️⃣Live Lobster, Abalone Sashimi (featured)
4️⃣Assorted Nigiri Sushi (featured)
5️⃣Lobster Bisque
6️⃣Foie Gras with Plum Sauce
7️⃣Miso Marinated Black Cod
8️⃣Wagyu Steak with Special Wasabi Sauce
9️⃣Choice of Abalone Risotto or Sukiyaki Rice Bowl with Miso Soup
????Crumble, Pear Gelee and Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream

The omakase menu at RIZU is value for money where you get premium sashimi like live Boston lobster, sea urchin, foie gras, wagyu steak. And this menu is really filling, left RIZU with a happy and fat tummy. If you’re not a fan of omakase, RIZU offers ala carte menu where you can order most of the featured dishes. Do note that the omakase menu is subjected to chef’s choice, you might not get the same dishes as above.

*Service charge (10%) applicable.

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How to go RIZU Singapore
Operating Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 5PM–11PM

Address and Contact

39 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089617

Contact: +65 6904 8880

Reservation allowed.

Travel and Parking

Wilson Parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 381 m (about 12 minutes) to Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area.
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