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From 4 May to 2 August, Oriole Coffee + Bar brings to you four different plant-based “meat” burgers and sandwiches in tandem with 5 cocktails with artisanal bourbon distiller Maker’s Mark from Beam Suntory.  The four plant-based options are meant to debunk the myth that plant-based options are “boring” and “plain”.  Instead, Oriole’s new offerings are on the slightly more indulgent and sinful side, but nevertheless delicious.

The first burger that we tried was the Mission Impossible ($24++) made with (you guessed it) the Impossible Meat patty wrapped in cheese and egg omelette mix topped off with ketchup, mayonnaise, vegan Worcestershire sauce and lettuce closely stacked between a lightly buttered brioche bun.  This burger takes inspiration from the Ramly burgers that we usually order at the neighbourhood pasar malams.  Although it uses the same impossible meat patty that many would have tried by now, this rendition is unlike the usual cheeseburgers but still equally (if not, more) satisfying.
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Those who love their fried chicken burger can try the Tindle Surprise ($22++).  Think a breaded chicken patty (from Tindle) stuffed with pesto and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese between buttered sesame burger buns, with a generous amount of parmesan mayonnaise slathered atop with crisp romaine lettuce and tomato.
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Slicing the burger apart will reveal an oozy, stretchy cheese pull.  If you’re eating it, might as well take one for the ‘gram too!  Both burgers are served with fries and salad on the side.
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If you prefer alternatives to burger, the new launch also showcases a scrumptious Om(g)ni Goodness ($18++).  Within this quesadilla lies a deep-fried OmniPork luncheon topped with mozzarella cheese and sour cream, as well as spring onion, coriander and tomato.  The tortilla is lightly pressed on the pan for a slightly crisp exterior just before it is served – this is one dish you want to dig in whilst warm.  Our only gripe was that it was a little on a thinner side so if you are there hungry you might want to get a lil’ something else – which is not a problem because they have delicious desserts, which we will share shortly.
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We saved the best for the last – Jack’s Tuna Melt ($24++) is made with Karana jackfruit mix.  Those Karana is more typically used as a plant-based substitution for pulled pork , Oriole’s version features the use of kizmi nori to create a flavour reminiscent of tuna / flavours of the sea.  The Karana mix is also accompanied by avocado, tomato, onion, celery and house-made cucumber pickles, then dressed with vegan Worcestershire sauce and topped with Monterey Jack cheese and sandwiched between lightly toasted buttered sourdough bread.  Butter makes all things better right?  Yes.  We definitely recommend trying this dish, even if just for the unique use of Karana.
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To wash down the hearty burgers / sandwiches, 5 new cocktails are created through a collaboration with Bean Suntory’s Maker’s Mark.  Featured above is the Makin’ Me Blush ($14++) cocktail, which is Oriole’s variation of a whiskey sour.  You can expect Maker’s Mark shaken with invigorating doses of lemon and lime juice and topped with egg white foam and accompanying bitters.  If you’re look for something with a bit more kick, you can try the Maker’s Martin ($18++) – a combination of Oriole’s fresh espresso, coffee liqueur and housemate chocolate syrup without compromising on the bourbon. 
The good news is that they are having a Maker’s High Roller, High Baller 1-for-1 promotion and the Oriole’s al-fresco dining area is a perfect spot to chill with friends in the heart of town.
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To further sweeten the deal, the desserts at Oriole are a real treat.  Of particular mention is the pear frangipane tart ($12++) that is freshly baked and served warm.  If we have to nit-pick, we would prefer for the almond taste to come out stronger in the frangipane.
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Those with a sweeter tooth can opt for their signature banana cake with butterscotch sauce ($14++) or sticky date pudding with ice-cream ($13++). 
Our visit to Oriole is long-overdue and we are pleasantly surprised to find it packed on a weekday night, so make sure to book a seat before heading down!  
Budget: $20 – $30
    • Oriole Coffee + Bar (Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Orchard)

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