Most people visiting Singapore would have tried our iconic dish – Chilli Crab.  The slightly spicy, tangy savoury sauce with succulent crustacean leaves people coming back for more.  From 2 September to 30 November, Oriole Coffee + Bar pays tribute to this dish with six (yes, six!) creative dishes and a special Gula Melaka dessert – perfect for those looking for a delicious hearty and fun meal in the heart of town. 

The Waffle Cheese Fries with Chilli Crab Dip ($16.50++) is a returning affair from last year’s introduction of chilli crab dishes, but this time, with nacho cheese drizzled all over the crispy waffle fries.  This is a good starter to have on its own, but the chilli crab sauce (generous amounts of crab meat, lemongrass, ginger and fried shallots) is another way of enjoying this snack.   Ah, if only we can have this in the cinemas.
Another starter that we had is this Marinated Deboned Mid Wing with Chilli Crab Sauce ($18.50++).  This reminded us of Korean Fried Chicken, but with a chilli crab twist!  The best part is that you have tender meat without the bones, which makes for easy eating.  We were told that these boneless mid-wings are marinated in a housemaid wet rub that includes ingredients such as fermented bean curd and sesame oil before being deep-fried before being drenched in rich chilli crab sauce.
My favourite starter has to be these Butterfly Buns with Chilli Crab Sauce ($18.50++).  Think fried mantous (butterfly bun style) cradling crab meat, crisp romaine lettuce and generous ladle of chilli crab sauce.  Best eaten hot, but we are also pleased to share that these buns remain crunchy despite having it 15 minutes after it was served. 
My favourite main has to be the chilli crab burger ($28++).  A tad pricey for a burger but what you get is a unique burger brimming with flavour.  A giant crab patty made with crab claw meat and slathered with chilli crab sauce, onions and romaine lettuce is sandwiched between butter brioche buns.  Sweet potato fries are served as a side but diners are given the choice to upgrade to truffle fries or opt for the classic potato fries. 
The Chilli Crab Linguine ($30++) is already on the original Oriole menu and features a garlic aroma that pronounces the sweet flavour profile as the chilli crab has been reduced.  The pasta was served al dente but we found the sauce to be a little too sweet.  Do note that if you prefer a more pronounced chilli crab sauce or savoury profile, you can let them know to add more spice to this dish. 
The 12” Chilli Crab Pizza ($32++) was the last main that we tried.  It is also on the original Oriole menu and is made with a thin crust pizza dough, thus giving it a crispy mouthfeel.  This complements well with the spicy chilli crab sauce base, mozzarella cheese (very generous – just look at the cheese pull!) and crab meat chunks.  Finished with coriander and chilli for freshness, a wedge of lime is provided to round out the flavours.  Be careful when biting into the pizza, you’ve been warned that it is HOT!
We finished the meal on a really sweet note – Gula Melaka Lava Cake with Toasted Coconut Crumble and Coconut Ice-Cream ($14++).  This dessert features a flowing centre of gula melaka “lava”.  We particularly like the buttery coconut crumble sprinkled all over, a welcome crunchy and oh so fragrant.  A little bit of cake, a little bit of the refreshing coconut ice-cream and a little bit of crumble is all I need to make my day better.  Will definitely be back for more of this whilst they are still serving it. 

During this period, Oriole is also partnering with a new homegrown brewery Specific Gravity and will be serving 4 different beers (single bottle at $9.90++ and bucket of four bottles at $36++) – Wheat Beer, Classic IPA, Golden Ale and Craft Lager.  Golden Ale is a popular pick as it is a light-bodied beer with a subtle honey-like sweetness.  

Do check out Oriole if you are a fan of Chilli Crab! 

Budget: $25 – $35 Per Person
  • Oriole Coffee + Bar (Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Orchard)

  • Phone
    +65 6238 8348
  • Address
    96 Somerset Rd, #01-01, Singapore 238163
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