Featuring Nozomi’s special truffle and Autumn menu, highlighting a curated seasonal menu using Autumn’s fine ingredients including pumpkin, chestnut, mushroom and more. You’ll be spoilt for choices on which item to order from.

Satisfying Hokkaido uni and black truffle chawanmushi ($18) layered on soft, slippery and delicate steamed egg custard.
Black truffle sakura ebi and ikura claypot rice ($52) is welcomed to the table with pungent scent and earthy flavour of black truffles. It is set on a bed of niigata rice steamed in Chef Yoshi’s Signature dashi. The sakura ebi adds a hint of smokey aroma which compliment with the popping ikura and earthy black truffles.
Triple joy with Wagyu beef and hotate roll with uni, black truffle and caviar ($68). Each luxury slice of A5 wagyu beef with scallop roll is topped with Hokkaido uni, truffle caviar, blanketed over a slice of black truffle and served with a side of garlic wafu dressing.
It’s hard to say no to these perfectly marbled black truffles. Filled with complex and intense aroma maximising the truffle flavour while revealing the beautiful inner marbling.
A harmonious combination of fatty melt in your mouth A5 wagyu and creamy uni, brings you to the moon and back.
The autumn Matsutake suimono ($10) is belly-warming and nourishing soup. This bowl is packed with crunchy seasonal Matsutake mushroom, ginko nut, wakame, carrots served in a clear dashi broth.
Did you spot the momeji (red autumn) leaf tempura?

A selection of lightly battered pumpkin kabocha, inaho, satsuma imo, dry momeji leaves and shitake traditional deep-fried till crisp. Interestingly topped with many paddy stalks filled with popcorns!
Glad that the Autumn tempura ($18) is not oily at all!
What’s not to love about Nozomi, especially when they’re filled with an extensive selection of quality Japanese sashimi.

The premium seasonal sashimi platter is available in 6/7 types ($68/$85) sourced from Japan’s Toyosu market.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of enjoying a fresh piece of sashimi. The balance of fat and sweetness in this fatty tuna is unparalleled. Simply melts in the mouth with fats rendered and leaves a sweet tuna aftertaste.
These slices of squid sashimi was soft of supple texture, not the chewy and rubbery that you dislike.
Opt for 7 type sashimi platter and indulge in uni. This platter is good for 2-3 pax.

Nozomi at Millenia Walk also serves both classic and modern interpretations of bento boxes and donburi! Great to bring your loved ones to Nozomi and satisfy their Japanese food cravings.
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