“I Got Baked in CBD” – 10 months after its first outpost at Pacific Plaza, Mr Holmes Bakehouse has opened a second branch at Raffles Place, MYP Building.  Still in line with its neon-paved arches and concrete floorings, this second branch is largely similar to its first, but with more savoury offerings (think: sandwiches and salads) to suit the office crowd. 

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Pacific Plaza 01
An outlet exclusive, this Chicken Fajita ($13) features fajita-seasoned chicken slices, sautéed bell peppers and onions with cheddar draped over the meat and sandwiched between homemade ciabatta buns.
Mr Holmes Bakehouse Pacific Plaza 02
Another outlet exclusive is this Roasted Veggie & Hummus Sourdough ($10), a sandwich I will reach for when I’m in the CBD.  This is a vegan-friendly sourdough sandwich of roasted vegetables (brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions, cauliflower charred with rosemary and thyme), with garlicky hummus and pickled carrots on toasted sourdough slices. 
Mr Holmes Bakehouse Pacific Plaza 03
The other savoury item that we had was the Spam & Egg with Kimchi Croissant ($13).  Also another outlet exclusive, a stack of salty SPAM slices, scrambled egg and melted cheddar cheese and kimchi are wedged between two halves of Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s signature croissants. 
Mr Holmes Bakehouse Pacific Plaza 04
We tried their seasonal donuts – Banoffee, Strawberry Lemonade and Rose Lychee.  The flavours were surprisingly light, especially the rose lychee donut – you can expect a floral and fruity mix of delicate lychee cream infused with rose water.  We understand that the sweetness levels have been tampered with to suit the local palate. 
Mr Holmes Bakehouse Pacific Plaza 05
And of course, Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s signature cruffins.  The seasonal flavours that we had are coconut cream, raspberry mocha and pistachio cream.  I’m partial to the last and the pistachio flavour is pronounced with pistachio pieces atop for added crunch.  

Budget per person: $5 to $13 per person
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