After a long wait, JJ Lin fans are overwhelmed with joy with the opening of Miracle Coffee in Singapore. There is a 90-day pop-up launch at ArtScience Museum (Marina Bay Sands). Miracle Coffee pop-up opens to the public at 12pm on 30 September, and from 10am thereafter till 29 December 2022. Thereafter, the flagship Miracle Coffee café will launch at the lobby of the iconic ArtScience Museum in 2023. Make the dates! Currently, there is no news on whether JJ Lin will be at the opening nor preview.

The artisanal coffee concept – Miracle Coffee hailing from Shanghai to Taipei. Famed for hand-dripped aromatic brews made from single origin coffee beans sourced from around the world.

Think of sipping coffee against the picturesque lily pond and glistening Marina Bay waters.

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What can you expect from Miracle Coffee’s 90-day pop-up launch?

Miracle Coffee‘s signature range of famous pour overs and cold brews, as well as Americanos, cappuccinos, a variety of specialty lattes and as well as Singapore-exclusive beverage – Kaya Cloud. Kaya Cloud features fragrant fruity notes, brewed using single-origin espresso (SOE) beans, an Americano-style coffee. Then, topped with velvety fresh cream cap flavoured with kaya and topped with shaved gula melaka for an uniquely Singapore aromatic experience.
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Words from JJ Lin
“I am thrilled to team up with Marina Bay Sands to bring Miracle Coffee to my home, Singapore.
Since this is our first time setting up a pop-up for Miracle Coffee, we wanted a scenic location that
can stage the intimate scene of coffee lovers revelling in a smooth cup of coffee while soaking in
views of my beautiful city. There is no other location that is more suitable than the iconic
ArtScience Museum, a popular destination for museum-goers, city wanderers as well as cycling
enthusiasts and joggers around Marina Bay,”
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A short writeup about JJ Lin. He is known for his captivating songwriting as well as his show-stopping vocals. Debut in Taiwan in 2003 and grown his repertoire of golden ballads. JJ Lin is not new to Marina Bay Sands. He has graced the integrated resort’s grand opening in 2010. Also, gave an unprecedented performance on the roof of ArtScience Museum in 2021 for the launch of Disney+ and held his first sell-out concert “After The Rain” after a two-year break at the Sands Theatre later in the same year.
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Discover beans from specialty coffee producers, including Panama, Kenya and Ethiopia, varietals and roasting degrees, and to relish their distinctive taste profiles.
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At the outdoor kiosk, you may also witness the making of Miracle Coffee‘s signature single serve pour over up close. Miracle Coffee Singapore is led by Miracle Coffee’s master barista and the local team has mastered the art of crafting a gentle pour over fresh grounds to extract the unique flavours and aroma of the chosen beans.
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Besides Americanos, cappuccinos and espresso-based lattes, Miracle Coffee Singapore offers pre-made cold brews as well as plant-based milk alternatives like oat milk latte and soy latte.
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Miracle Coffee branding is inspired by JJ’s philosophy on music: “If miracles had a sound” and expressed through coffee, encourages all to slow down their pace of life to anticipate everyday miracles.

Photo credits: Miracle Coffee Singapore
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