Mashi No Mashi, famous for serving the world’s first and only 100% wagyu ramen, unveils its newest and first Mashi No Mashi outpost in Singapore at Guoco Midtown. It has made waves with its premium wagyu and decadent bowls of ramen in other cities. So when we heard of its opening in Singapore, we knew we had to try it. 

Mashi No Mashi 03
Each item on the Mashi No Mashi menu is made with Chef Hisato’s hand-selected Ozaki beef, which is prized for its rich umami flavour.  This bowl of  Ultra Wagyu Ramen ($22) consists of wagyu chasiu, wagyu bone broth, thin ramen noodles, red chilli sauce, spring onion and half soft-boiled egg.
Mashi No Mashi 02
Just look at the marbling of the beef!  The ramen noodles was served al dente but the wagyu bone broth had a lighter flavour than expected.  For those who take spice, you can pick from three level of spicy sauce to add to your noodles. 
Mashi No Mashi 01
Between the two, my pick will be the Wagyu Tsukemen ($30).  The same wagyu charsiu and soft-boiled egg are served, but with wagyu dipping sauce and thick ramen noodles instead.  The thicker noodles provide more bite and chew, and although some find the wagyu dipping sauce a tad salty, I thought that the savouriness was not overwhelming as heavier flavours would be necessary to coat the thicker strands of noodles. 
Mashi No Mashi 05
Don’t miss out on the sides when you’re there.  The Wagyu Gyoza ($4 per piece) is a popular option – minced wagyu with vegetables are stuffed into the gyoza before pan-fried to get the crisp edges. 
Mashi No Mashi 04
I also enjoyed the Wagyu Siu Mai ($15).  Contrary to the gyoza, the meat here is chunkier and provides a satisfying bite.  Have the siu mai shortly after it is served to you so that you can enjoy the juicy sweet morsel.

We saw that there are Singapore-exclusive options like the Bak Kut Teh Ramen, so perhaps that may be the choice for those who love their local food! 

Budget per person: $20 – 30 per person

  • Address
    124 Beach Rd, #01-04 Guoco Midtown, Singapore 189771
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