LUCE by Davide Giacomelli grand opening
Opening on 20 May 2022, LUCE by Davide Giacomelli served a gastronomic Italian dining experience with a warm and inviting bistro ambience. Expect natural lighting permeating the dining area during the day and a soft, warm-toned chandeliers lighting to provide a flattering, warm background. Chef Davide is backed with over 13 years of culinary experience with stints at several Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe. 
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With grated garlic and topped with Parma ham, fresh buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato concassé, rocket leaves and basil, with flavours complemented each other for this Bruschetta ($19). 
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A crowd favourite for the night, Acquerello Lobster ($46). This creamy lobster carnaroli rice is soaked with lobster stock. With chunks of Boston lobster, it upgrades the flavour of this risotto. 
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Merluzzo alla Puttanesca ($46)—Pan-fried Atlantic cod is topped with fresh, homemade tomato sauce, taggiasca olives, anchovies, pantelleria capers and fresh herbs that doesn’t overpowering the delicate fish. 
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LUCE-misu ($18), a modern take on all-time favourite Italian dessert, creative deconstruction of Mascarpone cream espuma, espresso syrup, lady finger sponge and crunchy feuilletine, originates from Executive Pastry Chef Desmond Lee’s idea. 
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LUCE by Davide Giacomelli

LUCE by Davide Giacomelli

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