As you walk along the conserved shophouses at Keong Saik Road or the adjacent lanes, you will notice the vibrant colours in Singapore’s cultural mecca.  However, nestled amongst these shophouses is Leckerbaer’s new flagship store that exudes a calm vibe and beckons one to enter. 

It has been slightly over a year since the Copenhagen-based pastry store made its first overseas foray at Shaw House.  Whilst its Isetan Scotts branch remains the choice spot for a quick pick-up gift stop, Leckerbaer has been on a constant lookout for a space that encapsulates the essence of its original store. 

Just walking by, you can get the sense of hygge through its large storefront window and wooden-framed glass door.  Elements of wood panels, light wood furniture, plenty of white and muted colours tells of its Scandinavian charm.  Walking further into the café, you’ll notice that the lounge area has a perforated rattan ceiling that allows daylight to permeate.

We were there to try the Christmas Tea Set ($34, good for 2).  It consists of 2 small bakes, 4 smakagers and two individual pots of tea.  Featured above are the four flavours in current rotation: Chocolate – brownie base with tangy calamansi and blackcurrant; Vanilla – buttery cake with lemon and blackberry curd; Passionfruit – blackcurrant-dusted meringue flower atop passionfruit and blueberry curd and almond pastry; and Hazelnut – cinnamon cake piped with lemon meringue and chocolate shards. 

Apart from the smakagers, we also had their bakes: Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Tart and Almond Cherry Cake.  We recommend the former for chocolate lovers as what Leckerbaer serve is a crumbly chocolate shell layered with cherry curd, dense chocolate brownie and delicate dark chocolate hazelnut namelaka.  The cherry curd helps to cut through the chocolate flavours and the tart is topped off with hazelnut halves. 

We recommend having these with tea to wash down the sweetness.

Apart from the sweets, this flagship store is also serving some savoury sandwiches. We tried the smoked salmon & onsen egg ($21).  A classic Scandinavian sandwich – you have strips of smoked Norwegian salmon, zucchini and pickled onions and fresh peppery mizuna leaves on cream cheese toast.  And the ubiquitous onsen egg that marries the flavours together.
The other sandwich we had was the crab & avocado salsa ($20).  Thick guacamole on toast, except topped with crab meat.  Whilst we love the flavours of their sandwiches, we found them a tad pricey for the serving size.
As the gifting season draws near, those thinking of adding some sweetness to their loved ones can consider getting a box of smakagers – box of 8 ($22), 12 ($32) or 16 ($40).  Apart from those that we have tried in the Christmas tea set, the box above features Milk – an Oreo-inspire chocolate cookie with mint filling; Raspberry – red berry jam between butter cookies; Ruby Chocolate glazed ring with cherry curd centre and Orange and Chocolate Pastry rolled in blackcurrant sugar and salted caramel filling. 
Budget per person: $17 per person for the Christmas Afternoon Tea
  • Leckerbaer (Keong Saik Road)

  • Phone
    +65 6223 3053
  • Address
    14 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089121
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