Whether you’re craving for Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Western flavours, KOAL got you covered. Be it integrating Asian and Western flavours, a range of grilled meats, seafood, starters and desserts.

KOAL, the latest addition to Les Amis Group’s array of award-winning restaurants across Singapore.

Helmed by Chef Jun Xiang, with his new techniques and tastes to marry the wonders of Western and Asian flavours. Prior to helming KOAL, you might have seen Chef Jun Xiang at Peranakan restaurant Indigo Blue Kitchen. That’s his first stint with the Les Amis Group which resulted in the team achieving a Michelin Plate award in 2021.

These pillowy, savoury tasting KOAL’s Bread Roll complement almost any starter. With the chive filling swirled through the tender and fluffy bread, pull them apart and the aroma emanates the whole dining area. It tasted as good as it is, alternatively you may also spread sour cream and chive butter on it!
These chunky salmon sashimi are infused in sweet and tangy tomato slices, sliced onions and green chilli dressing for a subtle spice.
These bone-in pork riblets coated in mala honey sauce served with crunchy peanuts and lots of chives and coriander. Not to be intimated by the mala flavour, it is neutralised with honey and other flavours. The crispy edges are pretty addictive!
Scallion salad reminds me of the appetiser from a Chinese restaurant. Lightly tossed with spicy sesame soy dressing and perfumed with sesame.
The sour and salty note offered by sour plum, makes for a very good and appetizing sake. Happy that KOAL serves free-flow genmaicha too!
Perfect pink blush, succulent, fork-tender Iberico Pork Collar (180g) with a crisp texture around the edges while lending a smoky flavour. The sinfully delicious fats simply render in the mouth. The meat dishes are served with an array of artisanal dipping sauces Sesame Chimichurri, Yakiniku no Tare with Confit Garlic and Whole Grain Mustard Cream Sauce. I love dipping these pork collar into yakiniku no tare with confit garlic – there’s nothing quite like this pork dish!
A robust and meaty flavour with Hanging Tender (180gm). You need not any other sauces except a punch of coarse salt to savour this cut of grainy beef!
Indulgent from the fatty salmon and buttery kimchi sauce, the grilled kale on the side comes crispy and charred in some spots.
Ended the meal with Hojicha and Whiskey Tiramisu, leaving you with a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture and nutty pistachio but not much of whiskey.

Both freshly fried donut flavours cheesecake mousse & raspberry coulis and nutella & banana mousse came with a slight sourish taste. We would have craved more if there’s more sweet fillings less the sourish.
Watch as KOAL’s interiors underline with red LED lights from day to night and a cosy ambience radiating against the walls as evening falls. Not missing out the loud neon signages depicting “Meat Up & Chill Out” as they “Make the Cut”.
  • KOAL

  • Phone
    +65 8129 4500
  • Address
    1 Scotts Rd, 03 – 09 / 10 / 11 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
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