Kakurega The Lair entrance
Kakurega The Lair is located along the bustling Chinatown Food Street, surrounded by the Chinese restaurants. We can’t help but to wonder if we’re in the right direction. Kakurega is a new yakitori and sake bar backed by the famous COCA and Tuk Tuk Cha.
Kakurega The Lair appetizer
These one-bite appetizers (sun-dried stingray fin, dried leather jacket and deep-fried kawa shrimp) will save you a load of dishes and help you drink more. We felt both sun-dried stingray fin and dried leather jacket are salty to eat by its own. The deep-fried kawa shrimp is nicely seasoned and salted, addictive on its own!
Kakurega The Lair cured fish
Not a fan of this flame seared cured mackerel (S$10.80) of its strong fishy odour nature.
Kakurega The Lair beef
Drawing out the natural flavours of Meltique Beef (S$18.80) amidst consistent tenderness perfumed with garlic chips. The dressings complimented with the beef without overwhelming, making it more fancy.
Kakurega The Lair fried chicken
Deep-fried chicken (S$6.80) is served with sesame dressing, mayonaise and a lemon slice. The chicken was too tough and with a sinewy texture. 
Kakurega The Lair mentaiko scallop
The charcoal-grilled scallop generously coated with a thick layer of mentai sauce (S$6.80) is set on a “chao ta” half shell. It is well-grilled, juicy and fragranced with mentaiko smooths it all over.
Kakurega The Lair skewer
A series of skewers showcase at Kakurega The Lair. As featured on top, Asparagus wrapped in Bacon, Chicken Thigh, Enoki Mushroom wrapped in Pork. The bacon skewer is overwhelmingly too salty to our liking. Our pick will be enoki mushroom wrapped in juicy pork the best! Pork Belly with Apple Sauce is decent but filled with to much fats. The ratio of fats to meat is 9 to 1. We felt that the mozzarella wrapped in Beef Short Plate can be more melting and stretching.
Kakurega The Lair skewers
Kakurega The Lair interior
Much of the warm hospitality and unique —as well as the understated earthy rustic charm adorned with exquisite art pieces on the walls. Kakurega The Lair, a triple-storey bar that houses four private rooms and a seating capacity of 50, whether it’s to entertain with friends and families, hosting business.

Budget per pax: S$20-S$30
  • Kakurega The Lair

  • Phone
    6223 0102
  • Address
    12 Smith St, Singapore 058926
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