Be greeted with vivid neon light, nine-metre hand painted swirling ocean waves mural making IKO alive, attractive and everything fun.

If you’re wondering what does IKO stands for, it is an abbreviation for ‘let’s go’ in Japanese.

There’s finally a certified Vegan sake available in Singapore! Our meal started with a glass of Nanbubijin Junmai Daiginjo Omachi, a vegan sake with a soft yet rich tasting.

At IKO Restaurant & Bar you can expect a range of contemporary Japanese creations and mouth-watering Robata-grilled bites.

Chef Jeremmy Chiam brings out his specialty of European culinary flair as well as his love for Japanese ingredients. IKO features the charm of a Mod-Jap restaurant with lovely dishes presented in six categories; Raw, Cold, Small, Robata, Rice and Noodles, and Sweet.

Simply an indulgence to dig into UNI (S$28++) layered to the brim with an incredible smooth and light purple cauliflower pudding, homemade dashi jelly and luxury buttery bafun uni. It’s so good and you feel like ordering another glass.
A soft pink ume-infused Japanese somen (S$29++) is served with a side of light bisque foam, oven-roasted torched whole prawns, topped with ikura and completed with green chive oil and shiso oil. The crunchy smoky prawns with silky smooth somen are a nod to summer.
The Robata section is definitely one of the most impressive sections where prized seafood and meats are chargrilled over binchotan. Iberico pluma (S$36++) is my absolute favorite piece of meat. The pluma is very tasty and succulent, marbled with fat which melts away while grilling. It tasted as good as it is, or you can dip into house-made carrot puree.
The Japanese black cod (S$38++) is a crowd pleaser for the night. Think of thick black cod fillet cured in saikyo miso. The flaky cod has lots of smoky charred taste and delicious caramelisation of the miso. The taste of the fresh sudachi zest brings cod the next level.
Asari Zosui (S$28++) is a dish where Japanese clams are cooked with butter and sake before adding dashi broth and pre-cooked Japanese rice. The clean and sweet Japanese clams taste and wonderful fragrance of it is especially heart warming and satisfying on a cold night.
This smooth dense 74% dark chocolate (S$18++) cremeux is elevated with beetroot jelly, raspberry white chocolate meringue and finally topped with freeze-dried yogurt bits and crushed caramelised hazelnut. The velvet-like creamy custard with a rich and intense chocolate taste marries rich earthy flavors of crushed caramelised hazelnut.

IKO Restaurant & Bar is located along Tanjong Pagar. The 55-seater restaurant is structured in textured concrete walls and neutral coloured steel frames with decorative mirrors and brilliant pendant lights. Alternatively, you may also choose to have a sip of a drink and stay cosy at the marbled counter bar.
  • IKO Restaurant & Bar

  • Phone
    +65 8866 5218
  • Address
    65 Neil Rd, Singapore 088897
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