Nested along Tyrwhitt Road, you can find modern Thai cuisine at HUE. With recipes from a royal Thai recipe book, modernized with contemporary cooking styling. Founded by a group of five friends, a chef two Thai nationals and interior designers.

HUE restaurant oysters
We were welcomed with an amuse bouche of Melon First, a refreshing and crisp treat with crispy fried shallots. As the name suggests, Oychestra, fresh Irish oysters served with a medley of three different Thai dressing of lemongrass and beetroot, oriander and pineapple.
HUE restaurant meat 02
Interestingly Three Little Pigs ($19) presents oven roasted crispy pork belly with Thai herbs and spices. 
HUE restaurant seafood 02
Something new that we enjoyed is Garlilicious Prawn ($28). Each grilled fresh tiger prawn is perfumed with a special truffle sauce. The truffle sauce is so good and it would be perfect with a bowl of white rice so that we can savour the sauce!
HUE restaurant seafood 03
Tom Yum is a dish where you can find it in almost all Thai restaurant. Here, at HUE, it offers Not a Tom Yum ($19). It is really not a bowl of spicy-sourish soup but a rich and thick prawn-based broth with smokiness from the charred prawns. Psssst, don’t forget to dip the crispy deep-fried omelette into the broth, so shiok!
HUE restaurant meat 01
The messy in-house golden brown lava sauce might look unappetising. But, don’t judge “Moocano ($23)” by its cover. The mooping grilled pork collar is simply tender and savoury served over sticky glutinous rice.
HUE restaurant seafood 01
Uncover The Paper Fish ($23 for 180g; $45 for 360g) to reveal whole fillet of Barramundi soaked in the goodness of various Thai herbs and spices.
HUE restaurant meat 03
A popular street food in Thailand, instead of using Thai spring roll skin, “Wrap It Up ($19)” combines kway teow with sauteed minced pork, coriander, roasted peanuts and chopped chilli. You may wrap with a slice of fresh butterhead lettuce.
HUE restaurant dessert 03
A refreshing summer dessert with the Sohm Choon ($15) made with sweet and sour fruits like lychee puree, lime zest over lychee shaved ice with peanut crunch for the extra texture.
HUE restaurant dessert 01
HUE restaurant dessert 02
Ending off with the first “Tea-ramisu ($14)” made with Thai milk tea. This milky Thai tea complements with lady finger biscuits, melt-in-the-mouth mascarpone, and rich ganache.

HUE is closed on Monday and opens for lunch on Thursday, Friday and weekends, dinner is available on Tuesday to Sunday!
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HUE Restaurant

HUE Restaurant

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