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HolyCrab first stepped its foot into a full-service restaurant at Tan Quee Lan Street and has relocated to the beautiful Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski. Stay cosy under the giant crab “walking legs” at HolyCrab with a range of new menu. The interesting quirky menu names as well as food styling will make you go WOW.
HolyCrab menu Salted Egg Corn
The salted egg corn, Capricorn (S$15) is named after Chef Elton’s zodiac sign. Inspired from a dish when chef visited China with a local twist of salted egg yolk sauce. It’s gets pretty addictive!
HolyCrab menu Scotch Egg
Inception (S$11), unlike a classic British scotch egg, the runny yolk is enclosed with chef’s special prawn paste. The prawn paste aroma infused into the egg that adds a light touch savoury to this dish.
HolyCrab menu Green Assam Fish
Chef generously shares his family recipe for The Green Assam Fish (S$88). Even the fish haters might eat this. The tamarind green chilli seems to cover all possible sights of any fishiness. But the chilli is not for the faint.
HolyCrab menu Moroccan Wagyu Beef Ribs
Preparing this steak properly can be painstaking and make you go Cow Pei Cow Bu (Moroccan Wagyu Beef Ribs; S$128). The beef is rubbed with a range of spices like dry Middle Eastern blend of paprika, chilli powder, cinnamon, cloves and coriander then sous vide for 25 hours. This dish imparts a rich beefy flavour as well as a tender texture.
HolyCrab menu Roasted Sesame Seed Spring Chicken
One of my favourite dishes from HolyCrab is called Open Sesame (Roasted Sesame Seed Spring Chicken; starting from Half S$28). Tender and juicy slices of chicken coated in earthy sesame seeds and lacquered with a brittle crunch. The sesame coating is brilliant and gives the chicken plenty of nutty flavour.
HolyCrab menu Broccoli and Crab Meat
A “standing” broccoli? I was worrying that it might fall anytime. The over-the-top Crab Tree (S$28) is standing tall on a bed of crab meat, garlic and chai poh in a velvety sauce. Definitely Instagrammy!
HolyCrab menu Chao Tah Bee Hoon
Pleasantly surprise to find lots of ingredients hidden under this Scorched Vermicelli (S$16). The hidden prawns added sweet notes to this savoury dish.
HolyCrab menu Signature HolyCrab Fried Rice
Definitely wok hei perfect Signature Holy Crab Egg Fried Rice (S$16)! Every mouthful is filled with wok hei, fluffy and sturdy grains. You might also spot small pieces of crab meat.
HolyCrab crabs
HolyCrab menu oOoOtak crab
The oOoOtak (Crab is priced at S$90/kg) generously tossed with homemade sambal, kaffir lime leaves and more! Leaving an intense spiciness to the GIANT crabs (from Sri Lanka and Alaska) while screaming for more water. As a mild heat foodie, it is spicy to me and the next crab dish is spicier.
HolyCrab menu 12
HolyCrab menu Green Mumba crabs
Ever had a bite of something that’s so spicy that it puts your mouth on fire? This is the dish, the Green Mumba Crab (S$90/kg).
Instead of the usual Singapore red chilli crab, HolyCrab’s version is in green, packed by 12 different types of ingredients. Of course the key ingredients are green chilli padi and green chilli. These spicy tastes invite proximity and suggest warmth. Thank goodness, they can make it less spicy.
HolyCrab menu mantou
These deep fried “crab pau” is meant for you to fill the crab meats in between fried buns.
HolyCrab menu Homemade Kaya Ice Cream
A grand finale with the vanilla ice cream layered over homemade kaya and digestive biscuit that makes you wants to scoop for more!
HolyCrab capitol kempinski 02
I’ve also spotted another corner on level 2 that is great for drinking, as well as OOTDs.

Budget: S$60 – S$80 per person
  • HolyCrab

  • Phone
    +65 8444 2722
  • Address
    Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski Hotel, 13 Stamford Road #01-85 Singapore 178905
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