My foodie friends had arranged for a weekend food trail and Heap Seng Leong is in the list. Heap Seng Leong is recommended by our foodie friend, Vince who is a loyal supporter of coffee. Before we stepped into Heap Seng Leong, the aroma of coffee and charcoal toasted bread filled the air.
Heap Seng Leong is run by the father and son in a Nanyang kopitiam serving Nanyang coffee, tea, butter and kaya toasts and poached eggs traditionally. The kopitiam had its signature wooden table with marble table top and red plastic chair.
The elder Mr Shi started toasting bread over charcoal grill and brewing traditional Nanyang coffee with iconic kopi socks and long throat kettle. Notice that the coffee is topped a pat of floating butter. It’s filling and energy-boosting! I’ve enjoyed the charcoal toast with salty pat of butter and kaya. Each slice of bread is toasted by hand using charcoal fire, which adds a tint of smoky flavour to the bread. Be sure to catch them toasting the bread on traditional charcoal grills!
  • Heap Seng Leong

  • Phone
    +65 6292 2368
  • Address
    10 North Bridge Rd, #01-5109, Singapore 190010
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