Nestled amidst the lush greenery in a shophouse at Mohamed Sultan Road, Fukui is filled with simplicity, serenity and warm hospitality that brought us into a special corner of Japan. Backed by the sisters, Emilia and Eugenia Tan, paying homage to the culinary traditions of coastal prefecture of Fukui and bringing Japan’s seasonal produce to the diners.

Kokoro, 9-courses (S$288++/person) omakase started off with an appetizing fresh firefly squid whereby the baby conger eel is served raw in tangy homemade ponzu sauce. Paired with a glass of Denshin Yuki, where the Junmai Ginjo reflected calm aroma and crisp taste.
The delicate yet buttery butterfish is perfumed with marinated Japanese red ginger and daikon sprouts.
Featuring a sampler platter of Japan’s seasonal fresh catch; olive flounder, striped beakfish and bluefin otoro. Each slices of sashimi is accompanied with simple ingredients like grated salt, Japanese mountain yam and shiso flower. The otoro tasted as good as it looks, fatty texture for a real celebration in your mouth.
A hearty bowl of soup filled with straw smoked Spanish mackerel, grilled rice ball, seasonal mushroom, Japanese baby kailan and bamboo shoots. The smoked mackerel penetrate into the meat and elevated this dish.
Be surprised with perfectly molten egg yolk tempura alongside with a touch of savoury snow crab spring roll, broad bean tempura topped with Russian caviar and a side of egg yolk mousse.
One of my favourite dishes for the night, Japanese rockfish (Kinki) with sweet Amera tomatoes, gingko nut, ice plant and crispy dried baby sardines. The well-torched kinki texture and its freshness was simply delicious.
The highlight of the night definitely goes to bincho-tan sushi; golden eye snapper with yuzu zest, barracuda with young green onion, Japanese mackerel with chives, grated ginger and wasabi rolled in a seaweed. Not forgetting, Chutoro soaked in Chef Nick’s special marinade. Other sushi which include striped jack with a melody of spring onion, truffle oil and truffle salt and snapper with egg yolk.
The smoky aroma from the grills wafts through the air right to our noses, creating light metallic sound. This also imparts a smoky flavour into each “smoked” sashimi.

Each piece of sushi rice is made with Hokkaido Yumepirika rice grains mixed with Okinawan black vinegar and black sugar. Not the usual vinaigrette sushi rice, these little pods are lightly sweetened and so flavourful.
Fans of sea urchin will be delighted with Bafun Uni. The combination of sushi rice, uni sauce, chef’s signature saltwater eel sauce makes the creamy uni less jelak. Chef has also added some tiny rice pops made from glutinous rice for the tinglingly popping sensation.
Say yes to another dish with uni. This time, chef has mixed minced tuna with uni and tobiko before adding marinated ikura and tiny rice pops. This is sinfully bursting with flavours.
Ending off the meal with a bowl of swordfish clear soup topped with seasonal Maitake mushrooms. Definitely comforting to the tummy!
I’m a big fan of Japanese fruits, featuring the rare strawberry with cherry blossom-like pink colour with sweet mikan and juicy musk melon.
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