I’ve been meaning to return to Eden Restaurant ever since I went by for Meatsmith’s collaboration.  The restaurant left an impression because of the greenhouse theme restaurant and cozy ambience.

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During our visit this time, we were told that there is a new Executive Chef on board.  The menu reflects his interpretation of multicultural flavours and is divided into chapters – a Journey through Asia. 
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Starting off with small bites, we had the Singapore Chilli Crab ($18 for 2). Crab meat in the chilli crab sauce folded with mozzarella and pickled cucumber between warm mantou.  This was an easy eat. 
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I could not resist ordering the Hokkien Mee Fettuccini ($32) when I spotted it in the “Wok Dishes” section.  Think of pasta with hokkien mee flavours.  Thick fettuccini is used, which I thought was a good vehicle to coat the seafood stock.  You’ll also find deshelled tiger prawns and crunchy pork lardon between the strands of noodles. 
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We also got the Ocean Harvest ($118 for 2 persons) – which serves up Black Cod, Grilled Octopus, Tangy Coconut River Prawns and Bi Feng Tang Baby Squid.  The Bi Feng Tang Squid is an example of Eden’s contemporary Asian dishes.  Crispy squid is set atop a (mild) mala aioli and garnished with garlic, spices, chilli powder, almond flakes and pomelo pulp.  The grilled octopus is braised in a Kam Heong-inspired marinade and served with a Sarawak pineapple salsa. 
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The black cod is a dish with a unique flavour profile.  Inspired from Hakka flavours, a plump fillet of cod sits on a homemade herbaceous broth made using green tea powder, laksa, coriander leaf, spring onion, herbs and fish stock.  I like this dish and will consider getting it as a main course subsequently.  The seafood platter is a good choice if you’re there in a group or want to try the various offerings that Pullman has. 
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There is a meat platter, From the Farm ($118) available too, featuring beef, pork, lamb rack and shrimp paste chicken.  Both the meat and seafood platters come with Kichap Manis Fries and Kale Salad.  The kale salad comes with pine nuts! 
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The Kichap Manis Fries on the other hand has a sweet-savoury sauce and we saw a few kids at the next table constantly reaching out for the fries. 
eden restaurant 08
We also ordered the Snow Aging A4 Wagyu Striploin ($98 for 150g).  It came medium rare and because we were sharing this, we would have preferred a slightly larger portion, but that’s only because the meat was well done.  As you can see, there is a fairly high degree of marbling and this adds to the buttery finish.
eden restaurant 09
To round up the meal, we had the Onde Onde Sundae ($16) and Osmanthus Chia Seed Jelly ($16).  The former is sweeter and more indulgent, but also bearing components of an ondeh ondeh – pandan, coconut, gula melaka.  The texture of the ice-cream is also very slightly chewy.  I also like the addition of the two brownie bits.
eden restaurant 10
The Osmanthus Chia Seed Jelly on the other hand is very refreshing.  The floral fragrance coupled with the kaffir lime mango serves as a good palate cleanser after the savouries.  

Apart from the ala carte menu which we had, we saw that Eden Restaurant also have set lunches – starting from $38++.  They also have a range of cocktails and mocktails, which we’ll be back to try.  

Budget per person: $40 to $50
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    +6603 8888
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