Café Aux Bacchanales opens its first international outlet at Plaza Sing – in it 60-seater space boasts solid mahogany wood and leather seats with some “old-school” charm.  It reminded us a little of another café, Hoshino Coffee, but the food served is quite different. 
We visited on a Sunday afternoon, and the bistro was at approximately 70 – 80% of its capacity.  Service, however, was rather prompt and the staff would regularly drop by to top up water, clear the plates etc between courses.
The staff recommended some of their bestselling starters, which included the Nicoise-style Salad (S$11.80), Baked French Onion Soup (S$13.80) and the Escargot (S$27.80 for 12 pieces).  The latter two turned out to be excellent choices. The baked French onion soup was very well-seasoned, topped off with a layer of savoury cheese and a generous portion of onions (so you probably shouldn’t get this unless you are an onion lover).  A hearty soup to whet the appetite, served with bite-sized baguette.
Moving on to the mains, we got the Planche de Omelette Nature (S$13.80) – which is a plain omelette plate with gratined potato, pickled carrots and broccoli couscous.  It was a good omelette but nothing particularly outstanding.

Instead, we recommend the Galette au Jambon & Champignon (S$15.80) – ham and mushroom crepe topped with shaved parmesan cheese and a molten egg yolk.  The crepe here is rather soft and fluffy with eggy and buttery flavours.  Our only gripe was that the crepe was a little burnt.  However, the addition of fried enoki mushrooms added the welcome crisp and texture to this dish.
The staff there also recommended the Duck Confit with Fried Potato and Garlic (S$35.80) and it was served with a crisp exterior encasing the juicy meat.
The escargot is served in a garlic and butter sauce and there was no gritty aftertaste.
The Ribeye Steak Frites (S$34.80 for 250g) was also a hit with my dining companion.  It was served medium rare with accompanying French fries and red wine sauce.
For desserts, we recommend the Tarte au Citron (S$7.80) if you are looking for something tangy.  If you’re looking for something sweet, you can try the Crepe Suzette (S$10.80) – do note that the flambéed crepe can be a little mushy if you leave it in the sauce for long.
Alternatively, their tarte aux Fruits (S$11.80) is a safe option.
Overall, the food at Café Aux Bacchanales is generally well-executed albeit on the pricey side.   
Budget: S$30 – S$50 per person
  • Café Aux Bacchanales

  • Phone
    +65 6250 5301
  • Address
    Aux Bacchanales Plaza Singapura #03-83, 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839
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