Boyutei, a contemporary French-Japanese café concept by One-Michelin Starred Whitegrass and Hvala. You get to savour the savoury menu crafted by Whitegrass Head Chef Takuya Yamashita accounts for Japanese sandos, rice, noodles and crepes, on the other hand, Hvala is serving their speciality in dessert and beverage. What caught our attention is the relaxing atmosphere that seemed to wash away our stresses after a day at work. Boyutei may seemed to be casual, but its Japanese-themed decor offers a calming ambience.
Wagyu Sukiyaki Tamago Sando ($24) features a thick brioche filled with strips of braised wagyu beef topped with a wobbly onsen egg, red onion, cabbage and chives.
Combat the hot weather with a bowl of Cha Soba ($24) crowned with unagi, surrounded by kinshi tamago, momiji oroshi and a touch of wasabi.
In this thrilling brioche, homemade chilli and tartar sauce are luxuriously drizzled over ebi katsu and piled with slices of tomatoes and cabbage. This gooey Ebi Katsu Sando ($22) can be served as a meal or an appetizer sliced into smaller pieces.
Niku Miso Chazuke ($18) is a combination of comforting moromi miso poured over a bed of rice, beef mince, chives and genmai. I found it a rather subjective taste as the combination gave off an earthy and fermented flavour.
Seafood Mentaiko Crepe ($22) is my favourite savoury course. Soft and light crepe blanketed over a variety of toppings including prawn, squid, bacon, cabbage topped with tomato, shredded nori and a drizzle of mentaiko mayo. Paired with a glass of matcha latte makes me happy!
If you’re a fan of deep and aromatic goma and matcha fans, look no further! Goma Matcha Crepe ($14) is lovingly packed with matcha pastry cream, a scoop of matcha ice cream on top of goma crumble.
It’s hard to go wrong with the crowd-favourite Matcha Goma Garden ($17). Can’t enough of wobbly, jiggly pieces of warabi mochi while the handcrafted nama chocolate was thick and creamy with a subtle roasty fragrance. You may wish to dust these treats with cinnamon sand for the extra texture.
Slicing through delicate Black Forest Tart ($17) revealing dark chocolate fondant, cherry compote, alongside with a scoop of rum ice cream. We love this bitter-sweet dessert!
Honestly, the prices are on a steeper end. However, we would love to be back for some dessert and drinks. I’m missing Matcha Goma Garden paired with a glass of matcha latte or sakura smoked cold brew tea while writing this article!

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    28 Ann Siang Rd, #01-02, Singapore 069708
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