As much as I love to sleep in on weekends to compensate for lack of sleep during the week. I can’t resist to a table of comfort breakfast brunch served a-la minute from the kitchen to table at Alley on 25. Seriously, we can’t decide on which main course to order. Main course offerings including Lobster Mac & Cheese, Breakfast Beef Burger, Eggs Benedict, Gravlax Salmon Bagel and more! Besides the main course, this brunch also comes with unlimited servings of breakfast a la carte such as cold seafood, cold cuts, cheese plate, choice of your egg with sides, dessert, coffee, tea, juices, and smoothie!

When ordering cold seafood, freshness is very important to me. I’m happy that the poached prawns and mussels are fresh. Can’t wait to dip these into the cocktail sauce.
If you’ve been following me, I can’t leave without a bowl of salad. The fun healthy salad tasted better with quinoa, feta and cherry tomatoes.
Discover the tasty cold cut selection from parma ham to mortadella to spicy salami accompanied by pickles. As my partner is not a fan of acai or muesli or yogurt, I’m glad that the assorted jars come in a small portion for my tasting.
I’m looking for cheeses that would complement the cold cut for breakfast. The cheese plate comes with Brie, Tallegio, Fourme d’Ambert with dried fruit, nuts and crackers. A perfect combination of sweet and savoury!
My favourite main course – Lobster Mac & Cheese (+S$10)
All eyes on gooey, stretchy heavenly combination of macaroni and cheese. That’s not all, it is topped with real lobster meat! The cheese melts well with the macaroni, has a nice stretch and not as oily as what I thought of. Who could resist this?
Who else agrees? An egg is a must for the best type of breakfast that includes a perfect orangy runny egg yolk. The eggs benedict is served with English muffin, mortadella ham, and topped with hollandaise sauce. The egg whites are set and the yolks are still runny. We love it!

If you can’t get enough of eggs, there is an egg station where you can order unlimited servings of fried egg, omelette, scrambled egg, poached egg, hard or soft boiled egg. You may complete your egg breakfast with these sides pork bacon, mushrooms, baked beans and hash brown.
We’ve tried Grilled Angus Sirloin (+S$10) served with fries and topped with a sunshine egg. Unfortunately, the sirloin was too tough and chewy that makes it hard for my old teeth to chew. We love the skins-on crispy fries!
Don’t forget to leave space for desserts! We hope to stuff ourselves as much but was too full from the main course and a la carte dishes. Finally settled for a cup of bitter-sweet chocolate soft serve.
You can’t go wrong with this daily detox juice (watermelon, mint, ginger). It’s refreshing and you can see it on almost every table! That’s my favourite juice too. There are also coffee and TWG teas if you’re not a juice person.

S$50 includes 1 breakfast main and unlimited a la carte breakfast
Time: 12:00pm–2:30pm
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.
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