In December 2023, Hashida Singapore unveiled the Abura Kappo restaurant-in-restaurant concept, where helming chef Kenjiro “Hatch” Hashida leads the team to serve up a menu with varying roster of specialties – all bound by the element of abura (oil).  The Abura Kappo concept is a showcase of creative Japanese, drawing inspiration from across the globe and is housed within Hashida at 77 Amoy Street. 

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The restaurant exudes tranquility upon entering and when you walk down the corridor to the designated room, you almost feel transported back to Japan. 
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We had the Abura Kappo Vol 1 menu ($200 menu) which is a succession of 13 bites, beginning with a Monaka. 
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Crisp wafers sandwich the creamy egg custard, which is a combination of blue cheese and comté cheese, mushroom sauce and pearls of roasted beetroot and Japanese radish simmered in kombucha.  It took chef some time to assemble this, but only 2 bites for us to finish this off. 
Abura Kappo 04
Next up is the Carpaccio – sliced raw Japanese buri (yellowtail) with raw Japanese squid, green apples and picked red onions.  Garnished with dill, fennel, lemon balm and a sprinkle of gin salt.  The gin salt is made in-house and is a special collaboration with Tanglin gin that Hashida / Abura Kappo uses to season their dishes.  This dish was quite expectedly meant to whet the appetite.
Abura Kappo 05
The first warm bite came in the form of a fried camembert.  Kinome leaf is sandwiched by camembert cheese, coated in batter and deep-fried.  Each diner is given a packet of “seasoning” (black pepper, sansho leaf powder and sansho powder) and you can add as much as you wish.  Chef’s skill is tested (and passed) because whilst the exterior is crispy, the cheese still oozes out when you mint into it. 
Abura Kappo 06
A brief pause here on the food as we are served with a chilled consommé.  Swirl to combine fragrances of spring onion oil with a sapid Japanese bluefin tuna consommé.  Instead of drinking all of this at one go, Chef recommended that we take small sips and savour it as we had the next two bites.
Abura Kappo 07
The next tempura dish was the Managatsuo.  Beneath the crisp golden layer is a sweet, soft silver pomfret.  It is served with tempura sauce and house-made onion sauce.  The onion sauce is lovely, sweet and fragrant. 
Abura Kappo 08
The next dish is one of my favourite bites.  Inspired by Hong Kong prawn toast, this Ebi Toast is angel shrimp paste atop a spongy and savoury tamagoyaki.  The tamagoyaki is a signature at Hashida and has scallop, fish meat and botan ebi inside, which gives it the savouriness.  It is then topped of with some panko for a satisfying crunch. 
Abura Kappo 09
The ebi toast is followed by a twist on tebagyoza, crisp deboned chicken wing is stuffed with glutinous rice and egg.  Similar to oyako-don where chicken and egg and both served in the same dish, this tebagyoza also uses the same ingredients, with an umami-packed oyako sauce to boot. 
Abura Kappo 10
The wagyu beef tempura is adorned with a drizzle of tart balsamic and pomegranate sauce and set alongside some sakura salt and red shiso salt. 
Abura Kappo 11
The hotaru ika salad (firefly squid) is meant to somewhat reset our palette and is the in-season ingredient.  Featuring confit of hotaru ika, Japanese broad beans and mushrooms, together with tomatoes, boiled barley, vinegar pickled cucumber and confit pepper and finished with kiwi fruit sauce.
Abura Kappo 12
The next dish – soft soba taco – consists of a house-made soft buckwheat tortilla crafted from the same flour as Japanese soba noodles and a juicy deep-fried cutlet of minced Wagyu. It is then topped with tofu emulsion and a herbaceous sauce before finished with a drizzle of egg yolk.  We were told that the fillings for this taco are a play on Japanese sukiyaki and its ingredients.
Abura Kappo 13
Oden tempura follows – radish stewed in dashi, coated in batter, deep-fried and topped with tororo kombu.
Abura Kappo 14
The tomato is also treated in the same manner as the radish.  I am not really a tomato lover so I was fairly skeptical, but the natural sweetness of the tomato shines through and it was a pleasant surprise.
Abura Kappo 15
The finale (right before dessert) is a do-it-yourself maki.  Chef would serve the donabe – short grain rice with choice seafood of the day.  A array of toppings – julienned radish, shiitake mushroom, spinach and burdock root (reminds your of korean bibimbap / kimbap?) is served alongside, together with sheets of roasted seaweed and a prawn tempura.  Chef asked if we wanted small, medium or large bowl of donabe and if you have stomach space, definitely go for large.  The donabe is worth it!
Abura Kappo 16
Dessert is quite the adventure too.  Shavings of shiitake mushroom-infused chocolate paired with house-made vanilla ice-cream, and a slice of dried persimmon accompanied by rich, earthy matcha ice-cream.  

There is a designated room in Hashida for Abura Kappo and is able to seat 6.  I think it makes for a good place for gatherings – service is attentive without being intrusive (my hot tea is replaced with a fresh cup consistently), and chef is also engaging.  I look forward to what Vol 2 has to offer and look forward to trying it then! 

Budget per person: $200++ per person
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