8ASH is the latest edition from Ebb & Flow Group perched along Ann Siang Hill.  It is a multi concept modern casual diner that houses three distinct brands – Mirai Burgers, Hoshi Hill and Love Handle Burgers.
The dining space is at the second level of the shophouse and the first boasts a tech-driven kitchen.   
It was a warm afternoon when we visited, so this Garage Project (White Mischief) was an instant cooler.  This drink consists of kettle soured wheat, lightly salted and infused with white peaches – a delicate three way salty, sweet and sour balancing act.  We also spied the Lost Coast Great Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout that is richer and creamier in flavour for those looking for something stronger.
The first dish we had was the Aus Wagyu Picanha.  Choose from shiso pesto, mustard cream, beef jus and spring onion bearnaise, this steak is served medium rare.  Some of the meats were rather tough but overall a decent portion for its price.
The scene stealer of the day has to be this chilled Hokkaido scallop somen.  Chilled somen is doused in shio combo dressing and topped with ponzu jelly, ikura and hokkaido scallops.  The noodles still retained the requisite bite and the scallops were fresh. 
The Mushroom Cheese burger from Love Handle was delectable too.  Love Handle caters to the vegan crowd – classic cheeseburger (made with impossible patty) topped with a slice of vegan cheese and a stack of trumpet mushrooms smothered in shroom sauce and finished with a creamy garlic aioli.  We love how the different components come together to create a hearty flavour that keeps you going back for more bites.  
We ended the meal with a tangy lemon crumble.  Tart lemon curd crunchy biscuit crumble, topped with whipped coconut cream and desiccated coconut.  We note that Love Handle serves PBJ Cake if you’re feeling a little more indulgent.  

To celebrate the launch of their dine-in restaurant, 8ASH will be offering an irresistible promotion.  Be the first 150 in the queue either on 11th or 12th November from 5 to 9.30pm and purchase burgers and signature dishes at just $1 – a steal if you plan to try some of their offerings. 

Average spending per pax: S$15-S$30
*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.
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  • 8ASH

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    +65 8233 0113
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    8 Ann Siang Hill Singapore 069788

This is an invited tasting but opinions are ours.

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