Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country located in Central Europe. The centers of Polish Gothic are Kraków, Gdańsk, Toruń and Wrocław with its capital in Warsaw. Poland owns their Polish złoty, the credit card is mostly accepted at most of the shops and restaurants. Although Poland is located within Eurozone, prices are generally affordable. What caught me by surprise is the affordable data plan. Bought a 6gb data at 5złoty, which is equivalent to ~S$1.75. Not forgetting the beautiful architecture around Poland where you can master your photography skills.

  1. DIY Personalise Your Very Own Gingerbread Man Cookie at The Living Gingerbread Museum

poland-living-gingerbread-museum poland-living-gingerbread-museum-02

Do you know that Torun gingerbread is a symbol of centuries-old heritage? Here, we have travelled back to a 16th century bakery where we learned how to prepare gingerbread dough using a 500 years recipe under the gingerbread master guidance. Dress up our gingerbread with decorating ideas from the artisit painter.

2. Learn How To Cook Poland Cuisine at Baccaro Studiopoland-culinary-workshop

Getting all excited for this culinary workshop as we learn how to cook authentic Polish food from scratch. And the theme comes with a focus on zero waste. This was a topic that we had to be very mindful about what we have in our kitchen, making sure that there’s less likelihood something goes to waste. We were given a task and that was to prepare polish potato dumplings. Grating potatoes from scratch, sieves the excess water, adding a decent amount of salt and finally adding flour to the mixture. Finally, scoop up the potato mixture with a spoon into the hot boiling water. What did we do to the leftover potatoes? We have added the potatoes into minced goose soup. And yay! Mission completed with zero waste.

3. Culinary Show On Goose Meat Preparation by Chef Piotr Lenart

poland-goose-meat-dinner poland-goose-meat-tartar

My first ever experience witnessing goose meat preparation. It’s amazing to see how each part of the goose is used in Poland dishes. They can be made in carpaccio, rillettes, sausages, and even goose blood soup! It’s a wonderful goose feast with the local produce. Not forgetting the best goose tartar ever prepared by by Chef Piotr Lenart himself.

4. Hearty Lunch at 4 Pory Roku (4 Seasons) Restaurant


One of my favourite baked duck breast with the perfect pink blush in the middle, truly tender and juicy with a luscious crisp skin layered on a bed of spinach. Finally, styled with baked potatoes, mini turnip, orange peel then doused in a orange sauce.


I like this dessert because the crispy puff pastry contrasted with the soft warm pear and ice cream combination is simply divine.

5. Stay Warm With Zurek at Karczma Pod Strzechą


Sour Rye Soup (Zurek) is served with sausage and hard boiled egg in a bread bowl. You might be surprised as the soup is made from fermented rye bread and water, not meat. It has a distinctive hint of sour taste, comforting especially for the winter. Be sure to finish fast as the bread absorbs most of the broth, creating a cakey mixture.

6. Vodka Museum and Dinner at Zoni Restaurant (My Favourite Restaurant in Poland)



Zoni Restaurant, the revitalisation of Praga Koneser Center and its Polish Vodka Museum. We spent over an hour there tasting different liquors from potato vodka and bitter vodka to wheat vodka to traditional okovita before heading to Zoni Restaurant for our dinner. Zoni Restaurant is designed by Nizio Design International and is one of seven shortlisted restaurants for The World Interiors News Awards 2019. My favourite kind of seabass! Delicate, meaty texture with a nice buttery fat taste similar to halibut.

7. Warm Dessert to Keep You Cosy on Cold Night at Mokotowska 69


The sweet and warm caramelised plums and crumbles make the dreamiest vanilla ice cream topping.

8. A Visit To The Kozia Farma Goat Farm

poland-kozia-goat-farm-02 poland-kozia-farma-goat-farm

Not a fan of goat cheese back in Singapore cause of the strong gamey smell. Glad that these varieties of goat cheese from organic goat farm are milder in taste with minimum gamey smell yet creamy in taste. Pssst, don’t forget to say hi to the goats. They’re so friendly and adorable.

9. Educational Apiary By Association of Beekeeping Enthusiasts ‘Nasze Pszczoly’ in Jablonna

poland-beekeeping poland-beekeeping-nasze-pszczoly

Bees are critically important for the environment and to the economy. Almost 70% of the fruits and vegetables are pollinated by the bees. However, bees have been decimated due to climate change with only half of the breed surviving. There are various health benefits by consuming honey and advisable to consume at least 15g of honey a day. Glad to know that Poland has banned antibiotics in bees and so I’ve stocked up my honey supply!

10. ‘Brovaria Gdansk’ Brewery


Headed to Brovaria Gdańsk’ brewery and have tried lager, wheat and special beer kinds. The lager comes with a clear bitterness that paired well meat dishes while the wheat beer is more fruity paired well with fish, salad. Something special that you can only find it here is the special beer kinds. We‘ve tried Christmas Chocolate Beer that comes with a strong underlined chocolate and caramel note.

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