Do you agree that your crowning glory is an important part of how we look? Getting a suitable hairstyle plays an important role in my life. A good style helps me to look good and feel fantastic about myself. I’m exceptionally particular when it comes to my mane. I’m born with a round face shape that makes me look heavier than I am. The best way is to make the most of my locks and use it to shape my face to look slimmer. And hopefully, I can make my face smaller just like the gorgeous female lead star Seo Yea-ji from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Korean drama.

The team at YOON composed of skillful stylists have years of experience in the industry. This hair salon helps customers battle upsetting issues and accomplish their ideal objectives. Currently, there are three outlets in Singapore to get a haircut or treatments tailored to the current condition of your locks. A scope of styling service including cut and blow, colouring, highlighting, rebonding, perming, and a range of specialised treatments are available at this boutique. Happy to know that YOON uses only premium and gentle products leaving your mane looking healthy and cooperative.


If you’re walking along Orchard Road, it’s hard not to notice the salon’s S$28 promotion banner. This boutique is conveniently located at Midpoint Orchard, just a stone across 313 Somerset. If you’re taking a train, alight at Somerset MRT and walk for about 2 minutes.

A full range of premium services available at Yoon Salon:




Similar to all the shops across Singapore, we have to scan QR codes for safe entry and take our temperature upon entry.

I got excited when I spotted my favourite Dyson blow-dryer at YOON. Also, not to worry if your mobile phone or tablet battery went flat before your treatment is done. There are many USB ports available for you to charge.

If you treat the appointment as a time to relax and break away from your busy lifestyle, be prepared to enjoy the tranquil music to help you soothe your mind.


Happy to see that YOON carries MILBON products. If this is the first time you hear about this brand, they are Japan’s No.1 Professional Hair Care Brand since 1965. The products are backed by rigorous scientific research and high-performing ingredients trusted by over 40,000 salons worldwide.


Before the stylist began the treatment, he explained to me about hair history. And then he started to ask me certain questions to understand the kind of service I am looking for. As my mane is naturally curled, it frizzes out easily. So, I was hoping that after this session, my locks will become much easier to manage without any frizziness.

After a discussion, I decided to go for a Premium Creative Hair Shaping treatment. This session is a combination of S-Curl or C-Curl Perming and Soft Rebonding. The Premium Creative Hair Shaping targets to flatten the top while giving the locks a beautiful S-Curl or C-Curl finish at the ends. This seemed like a perfect combination of what I was looking for.

The treatment began with a thorough hair wash and a massage. These two sessions were so comfortable that I felt like falling asleep.


My locks were softened first. Followed by combing and applying softeners by sections.


Unlike the traditional perming technique, YOON uses a ceramic hot perm machine whereby the temperatures are regulated such that the perms stay stronger and have a more lasting effect. I did not feel any heat from the machine. It was a comfortable session. Once the perming was done, my stylist used a cold air blowing technique to gently help cool down the strands. Once the straightening was completed, a neutralizer was applied to reform a more natural look.


Singapore’s hot weather has taken a toll on my tresses. I’m glad to wave goodbye to my dull, frizzy hair and welcome a natural glow to it. I am indeed jumping in joy as my locks are now shiny, smooth, and lustrous.

My stylist had also advised me on the steps to maintain my curls. Now I am going to share some of the tips I’ve learned. If you have naturally frizzy curls, be sure to attach the diffuser on the blow-dryer on low fan speed. The air is evenly dispersed and doesn’t disturb the curl as much as regular blow-drying. Also, he advised us to use a conditioner or masque that has less oil content. Oil might “pull-down” the curls and not give the polished look as you wish to have. He told me to use products that are lighter so that the perms are more long-lasting.


I am definitely pleased with how I was given extra care at YOON. My locks are now full of life, shinier and easy to manage, leaving those flyaways tamed. This was the exact feel and look I wanted to attain.

If you’re wondering, the full Premium Creative Shaping service takes about 2.5-3 hours. So during the wait, you can chat with your stylist to learn more about how to care for your crown, read a book or even doze off. The ambience is perfect for all these activities and to unwind.


Met my friend at a nearby Korean restaurant after my treatment. Quoted from my friend “Your hair looks so healthy now”. One of the FAQ questions that I received is did I dye my locks? No, I did not. My tresses are so much brighter and shinier after the service.

If you’re new to YOON, be sure to enjoy any full suite of hair service at only S$28. The promotional price is valid for a limited time only. Make your appointment via their website soon to avoid any disappointment. You may also find a whole section filled with free tips on their site. They have so much passion in this line that they have come up with a ton of articles to educate the public about proper hair care.

This post is brought to you by YOON.


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