Singaporeans need to make better consumption choices as three out of four common fish species consumed here are not responsibly caught, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said on Tuesday (Oct 4). A new seafood guide launched by WWF lists these fish species and others commonly used in local dishes as “avoid”. “Without collective and decisive action, these popular fish could disappear from Singapore’s menus within our lifetime,” it said.

Which fish species are affected?

fish singapore

Indian threadfin (commonly known as ngoh hur) used in fish porridge. Famous in Singapore Restaurant and Hawker Centre.

fish singapore

Silver pomfret which we often steamed this fish in Teochiew or Hong Kong Style. Famous in Teochiew restaurant and Singapore Hawker Centre.

fish singapore

Yellowbanded scad (also known as ikan kuning) a fish that is used in nasi lemak. Famous in our Singapore Hawker Centre.

That’s indeed a bad news especially for fish lovers. Taste your favourite fish before they disappear in Singapore.

Credits: Channel News Asia

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