Are you getting excited? National Day Parade 2017 (NDP 2017) is around the corner. This year marks 52 years of Singapore’s independence. Something that I look forward to every year is the funpack. This year funpack is one of the lightest in NDP history at about 1.5kg; comes in shades of red and white. It features a convenient adjustable foldable top and detachable front pouches to allow spectators to switch things up.

What’s in NDP Funpack 2017?

  • Singapore flag that comes with the pack doubles as a flashing LED light.
  • Paper banner serves as a handy fan as well as a clapper.
  • A commemorative NS50 keychain to mark 50 years of national service
  • A luggage tag
  • Visor
  • Poncho
  • Discount Coupons
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Snacks eg. Khong Guan biscuits
  • And more!

To make you even more excited than you already are, we are giving away 2 funpacks to each lucky winner (Picking 5 lucky winners).

To participate, just answer the following question:

  • This year marks __ years of Singapore’s independence or
  • Your birthday message for Singapore

On Blog:
a) Comment on the blog post at


To increase your chances of winning (Optional):

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a) Follow @foodgemsg & @ndpeeps_2017 on Instagram.
b) Comment on the picture, tag at least a friend and tell us the answer.
c) Leave your Instagram handler account on our blog at to increase your chances of winning.

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For example,

ndp funpack giveaway

Last day of submission: 31 July 2017 2359 .

Wishing all of you Good Luck 🙂 .
Selection/announcement of giveaway winners: 1-7 August 2017.

*Last updated on 20 July 2017.

Note that number of winners increased from 2 to 5.

Note that I’ve received enquiries checking on Singapore’s years of independence. The list of questions include Singapore’s years of independence or birthday wish for Singapore.  So, more participants can participant in this contest. Participants who have made entries before the change are eligible to be part of the draw.

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How to go NDP 2017 ?


The Float at Marina Bay
20 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039805

Very limited parking lots at The Float@Marina.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 511 m (15 minutes) to The Float @ Marina Bay.
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