White Restaurant brings you several set menus to welcome the year of the Tiger.  Available from 17 January to 15 February 2022, these menus are available for both dine-in and takeaway, from 4 persons (prices starting from $138++) to 8 persons (prices starting from $398++).  Each set comes with a set of complimentary red packet and Mandarin orange bag, while stocks last. 
We tried the Fortune Set for 4 pax and found that the set was value for money.  Do note that there is 8% off when you order before 23 January 2022 (both dine-in and takeaway).

As with every Chinese New Year meal, we started with the Yu Sheng.  White’s Fortune Abalone Yu Sheng (also available for ala carte order) features 18-head abalones, white bait fish, rostered squid, shredded codfish and satay fish.  There are additional textures due to the deep-fried prawn cake added.  House-made yuzu sauce is then poured over to tie the different flavours together.  Each yu sheng will also come decorated with an auspicious tiger ornament that diners can bring home.
After the yusheng, warm your stomach with the braised meat and fish maw thick soup that has been slow cooked for hours to bring out the full flavours of the seafood and the ingredients within.
To ensure (nian nian you yu), tuck into the hong kong style steamed marble goby.  The fish is very fresh and of decent size (pictured above is the portion for 4 pax).  Some set menus feature the deep-fried marble goby instead, for those who prefer a crackling exterior.
As a side (not part of the 4pax Fortune Set), we also tried the Crispy Conpoy and Curry Prawn Yam Ring – a golden yam basket filled to the brim with ingredients such as dried scallops and stir-fried curry tiger prawns.  Additional curry sauce is also available if you can take spice and prefer a more saucy dish.  For us, we liked it as it was served, without additional curry sauce, to enjoy the crispy yam and nicely fried seafood within.
For greens, we had the Fatt Choy Dried Oyster & Tian Bai Mushroom with Broccoli.  An auspicious dish of oysters braised in superior stock and a dose of the mandatory greens.
For mains, of course it has to be the signature white beehoon.  However, for some sets, you can expect an elevated version of the usual beehoon and for ours, we had the premium seafood white beehoon.  The seafood added include sea cucumber, Japanese scallop, dried scallop, abalone, clams, fish maw and pacific clams.  Definitely a dish to look forward to, even if the first few ingredients were filling enough. 
Round up your meal with red bean snow pancake and deluxe peach gum cheng tng. 
The former is a crispy crepe encasing warm red bean and dusted with icing sugar whilst the latter is a refreshing dessert with longans, red dates and white fungus.
This year, apart from the usual CNY set menus, White Restaurant is also making the yearly ritual of abalone gifting a little more adventurous.  You can expect flavours such as White Truffle, Sichuan Mala, Sichuan Green Pepper Mala and Braised Dried Scallop.  The abalones are sold individually in cans ($12.80 each) and are also available in a variety of gift box options from $38.80++.  Diners who order any CNY set menu (both dine-in and takeaway) can also top up $26.80 (U.P. $36.80) for the premium abalone in brine (approximately 18 – 20 pieces).
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