Wagyu X is a Japanese restaurant nestled along Club Street (at No. 82).  It is fairly inconspicuous but keep a lookout for the wooden signboard and white doors.  Don’t be fooled by the smaller seating on the first floor, they have seats on the second storey and is a fairly intimate space. 

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Wagyu X prides itself in serving up a special Hokkiado wagyu crossbreed that is not commonly found outside Japan.  Bred from the crossing of Kuroge black Wagyu cow and the Aberdeen Angus bull, the beef has a distinctive marbling and a balanced meaty flavour.  Fun fact: the X in Wagyu X stands for the crossbreeding. 
Wagyu X 2
The amuse bouche for the day was thinly sliced pork wrapped around enoki mushrooms topped with garlic chips.  This was a teaser to the grilled meats that we would be having today. 
Wagyu X 3
For starters, we had the Chilled Truffle Somen ($26) – pasta tossed in truffle kombu sauce, mirin, shoyu and a dash of sake, served with ikura and scallop.  The pops of ikura complements the strands of al dente somen and succulent scallops.  The portion for this is a tad small and we shared our feedback with Wagyu X so hopefully the portion size can be reviewed. 
Wagyu X 4
The Wagyu Carpaccio ($42) is another new item on the menu.  Paper-thin slices of wagyu X tenderloin is drizzled with a touch of truffle oil and topped with arugula leaves and crispy parmesan chips.  There is a good play with textures and flavours, particularly with the addition of arugula, which adds a touch of bitterness or what some may describe as “greeny” flavour. 
Wagyu X 5
All eyes were fixated on the dish when the Wagyu X Cuts were served.  My favourite from the entire meal is the Wagyu X Sirloin ($180 for 500g).  You can see the charcoal-kissed meat and the glistening fatty bits.  The steak has a slight crispy charred exterior and a juicy interior.  I would go back to have this again!
Wagyu X 6
For those who prefer a slightly less fatty cut, the Wagyu X Tenderloin ($135 for 250g) is a good option.  The lustrous, red tenderloin is more meaty and has a more pronounced beefy flavour yet still retains its tenderness.
Wagyu X 7
Our carbs came in the form of the signature Wagyu Fried Rice ($28).  The rice is fried with wagyu fat with a ring of boba leaf foam for a touch of herbaceousness and to cut through the meat.  This used to be a fuss-free staff meal before it was introduced to the lunch menu and now forms part of the main menu. 
Wagyu X 8
For sides, we had the Spinach Salad ($16) that is blanched and doused in roasted sesame seasoning.  Simple, but yummy and gives us our needed greens. 
Wagyu X 9
The Japanese sweet potato croquettes ($16) would find favour with the girls.  As its name suggests, this is a sweeter side compared to the other available options.  The croquette does not have a greasy finish.
Wagyu X 10
From now till 31 March 2024, Wagyu X is offering complimentary Wagyu Fat Fries with every order of a Binchotan Flame Grilled Wagyu. 
Wagyu X 11
Finish the meal with the Apple Tart and Ice Cream ($18), made with Granny Smith slices and drizzled with a berry sauce.  It is baked upon order so you can expect warm buttery goodness for dessert.  Do expect a slight waiting time as they prepare the dessert.   

Budget per person: $50 to $70
  • Wagyu X

  • Phone
    +65 8795 6664
  • Address
    82 Club St, Singapore 069450
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