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Calling out to all beef lovers around the area! As the name suggests, The Feather Blade specialises in feather blade steak, inspired by London steakhouse Flat Iron. Give your steak an extra dose with Asian-inspired sides and sauces and a series of cocktails, craft sakes and more.

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There is only one main listed on the menu – The Feather Blade Steak (200 grams).

A little disappointment when the steak is served. Unpleasant gristle with a buch of wrinkles amids the red meat. It was rubbery and takes more time to chew. Glad that they did service recovery and replaced with a new steak. There are four house-made sauces (+S$2), namely Sichuan Peppercorn, Bearnaise, Horseradish Cream and Red Wine. The zesty flavour of horseradish is a good complement to this steak.

The Feather Blade Steak at S$21.



This is the replacement that they got for us. It looked totally different from the first set of steak that I got. This set of steak is almost perfect. The marbled fats seem to dissolve into a buttery flavour, exquisite taste that you can’t stop.


Do check out the board in store featuring special side dish – truffle corns (S$7). The crunchy corns are well-coated with truffles sauce.


Two of the classic side dishes that we have enjoyed are potatoes and caesar salad with crispy nacho chip egg. The potatoes are smashed, deep fried in beef fats and drizzled with sriracha mayo. They’re aromatic, more flavourful and tasty than the usual potatoes. Beautiful crispy nacho chip egg deep-fried to golden revealing a molten yolk inside.

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Something invigorating about ordering the beef burger from a secret off menu. Unlike the conventional beef burger, the beef patty is made from minced feather blade cut and deep-fried in beef fats. Seemed like a burnt beef patty on the outside, but without overcooking the inside and remained juicy and tasty inside. It is topped with shallots, bearnaise and sandwiched between two soft brioche bun.

Beef burger at S$21.


*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go The Feather Blade
Operating Hours

Tuesday to Thursday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5:30PM–10:30PM
Friday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5:30PM–11PM
Saturday 11:30AM–3PM, 5:30PM–11PM
Sunday 11:30AM–3PM, 5:30PM–10:30PM

Address and Contact

90 Club St, Singapore 069458

Reservation is allowed.

Delivery on foodpanda, deliveroo.

Travel and Parking

Parallel parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 305 m (about 10 minutes) to Telok Ayer Conservation Area.
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The Feather Blade

The Feather Blade

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            • The small tables are set close to each other