The Feather Blade sets sail for the East Coast with a second outlet.  This new outlet will not only feature Feather Blade’s signature feather blade steak, but also a seafood bar, that brings the Surf and Turf experience to diners. 

Feather Blade East Coast 1
Upon sitting down, their friendly staff will be ready to greet you with their house popcorn sprinkled with furikake.  Be sure to save your stomach space for the mains.
Feather Blade East Coast 2
We kicked off our meal with a few items from the seafood bar.  Slurp the oysters from France – we tried the Salsa Taquera ($7.80 / pair) and the Ponzu Ikura ($12 / pair). 
Feather Blade East Coast 3
I preferred the Ponzu Ikura because the little balls of ikura adds umami to the briny flavours.
Feather Blade East Coast 4
The hokkaido scallop carpaccio ($16) is another recommended dish – served with shiso lime glaze and salmon roe. 
Feather Blade East Coast 5
We also tried the Shrimp Cocktail ($18.50) – shrimp that is poached then chilled in an ice bath and served with a house cocktail sauce.  For its price, we thought that they would serve a couple more prawns, so for value and taste, we preferred the other dishes mentioned. 
Feather Blade East Coast 6
Since we visited this new outlet, we had to try their new mains (exclusive to this outlet).  My favourite is the Swordfish Belly Sando ($32).  You have swordfish belly with smoked cats sauce, sandwiched between two slices of buttered Japanese milk bread.  Think of an atas fish fillet sando. 
Feather Blade East Coast 8
The sides are just as tantalising and I highly recommend getting the Miso Aubergine ($7.50).  The eggplant is grilled and brushed with miso glaze and adorned with some feta cheese and toasted cashews.
Feather Blade East Coast 9
You probably won’t want to miss out on their signature feather blade steak ($28 for 200g) glazed with tare and grilled on binchotan.  Do try their steak with the various sauces – miso mustard, wasabi cream, truffle mushroom (my pick!) and sangho peppercorn. 
Feather Blade East Coast 7
Alternatively, they also serve charred white corn ($8.50) with smoked paprika oil and paragon cream.
Feather Blade East Coast 10
Ricebowl lovers, Feather Blade got you too.  The Feather Blade bowl features feather blade beef and tongue topped with onsen egg and tare on sushi rice.  We did let the staff know that the sauce was lacking on the day we visited but they should be able to give more sauce upon request. 
Feather Blade East Coast 11
If you’re getting their triple cooked Wagyu beef fat fries, do add on the dill sour cream and ikura.  If you cannot tell by now, I am slightly partial towards ikura.  

From now till 31 December 2023, enjoy 15% off lunch when you order from the ala carte menu and enjoy Happy Shucking Hour where oysters are only $2.50++ per piece with every drink ordered before 7pm.  They also have different promotions on rotation every Monday to Thursday.  East side best side, yes? 

Budget per person: $25 to $35
  • The Feather Blade | Steak, Sando & Seafood Bar

  • Address
    225 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428922
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