REX Steakhouse + Bar is a new concept by the people behind Red Eye Smokehouse, the latter known for their barbecue smoked meats and smoked briskets.  Located in the Jalan Besar just next to Red Eye Smokehouse, REX is designed to showcase the quality meat served in an unpretentious setting. 

REX 01
We had their signature appetizer – Whipped Burrata.  Instead of the usual ball of mozzarella that you usually see outside, REX’s version is a tad more watery, served with smoked tomato confit and pistachio pesto.  Dip the warm focaccia into this mix and bite!
REX 02
The housemate beef samosas also came highly recommended.  Pockets of beef brisket, potato and fragrant spices are encased in the crispy pastry.  
REX 03
It is also served with a refreshing cilantro yoghurt.  Best to have this when hot. 
REX 04
Before the meat dishes came on, we had the Charred Salad, a combination of grilled vegetables with zingy miso burnt butter and shaved parmigiana.  In our vegetable mix, we had lettuce, asparagus, fine beans that give off slightly charred flavours. 
REX 05
The next dish a smash cheeseburger is one of the most value for money dishes on the menu.  $17 for a usual portion or $22 for a double-patty (as featured), these patties are made from steak trimmings and offcuts so you can expect a mouth-watering and satisfying treat at affordable prices. 
REX 06
The main event is the steak – REX serves various sauces and cuts.  We tried the less discovered cuts this time.  Featured above is the Wagyu Picanha, a triangular-shaped cut with a thick cap of fat on one side.  It has a rich, beefy flavour and best grilled to medium rare to medium – we had the medium rare, for reference. 
REX 07
The burger comprises fluffy burger buns, American cheddar, housemade burger sauce and smashed caramelised juicy patty / patties.   
REX 08
My favourite dish of the night (rather unexpectedly) was the Brick Chicken.  The quality chook is deboned and well-brined with herbs and spices.  It is then pressed down on the griddle with a brick ensuring as much of the chicken makes contact with the cooking surface.  The end result is a tender, juicy chicken and crispy skin.  I was the biggest contributor – having more than half of the chicken to myself. 
REX 09
There are only two options for dessert – a Chocolate Pudding (with creamy indulgent notes of Baileys Irish Cream) or a Lemon Posset.  I prefer the latter, with a hint of sweet basil and topped with berries compote as well as a house baked almond sable cookie.  

There is also a decent selection of beverage offerings to complement the dining experience.  Happy Hour is 5pm to 7pm every Wednesday to Sunday – so pop by to give them a go!  

Budget per person: $30 to $40
  • REX Steakhouse and Bar

  • Phone
    +65 6291 0218
  • Address
    3 Cavan Rd, Singapore 209844
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