From 8 to 21 January 2024, Meatsmith and Burnt Ends Bakery are joining forces with Pullman Singapore Orchard to showcase their creations at the beautiful glasshouse Eden Restaurant and Atelier Lounge.  Always been meaning to try the food at Meatsmith?  Now you can get them in Orchard, for a limited time.  We headed down on the first day to try some of their dishes.

Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 03
We started off with the Pullman Platter.  This corn bread with smoked butter is a great carb to have.  Warm and fluffy and lightly glazed with honey on the top, I found myself going in for more bites even though I was warned to save stomach for the meats.  The smoked butter gives it a different taste – you must try it!
Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 01
The platter also comes with crab cakes (in a ball, bite-sized).
Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 04
One of the meats that stood out for me in the platter is the Beef Short Rib Rendang, although I was hoping for a stronger rendang flavour.  The meat, however, was well-grilled and tender, whilst trapping the smokiness from the grill. 
Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 02
The pork belly is also well-caramelised with obvious char and a mildly sweet sauce slathered over.  This slice that I had was on the fattier side; good thing it was not a huge slice otherwise it would have been too rich for me.
Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 05
And of course we had to get their Meatsmith Wagyu Burger.  Double patty that is well-grilled (think slight crisp from the char, tender juicy patty), double cheese, sandwiched between buttery brioche buns.  Share if you are a small eater  or want to save stomach space to try other dishes because the double patties make it a substantial burger.  
Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 08
As we were there in a group, we could share all the desserts on this collaboration menu.  Their roasted marshmallows need no introduction and it is an adult’s version of a childhood snack – although do note that this is on the sweeter side. 
Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 06
Then came this lemon meringue tart – the lemon filing was zesty and very much welcomed after the heavier flavours in the meats. 
Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 07
My favourite has to be the peach cobbler.  Served warm upon order, you have sweet peaches buried underneath crumble and almond silvers and a dollop of cream.  I’m guilty of wiping this clean! 
Meatsmith x Pullman Singapore Orchard 09
For chocolate lovers, the homemade oreo mud pie is the one for you.  Expect an oreo biscuit base, with layers of chocolate, ice-cream and some sponge cake.  

Overall, it was a very hearty meal and we’re glad to have Meatsmith available in the heart of Orchard, particularly in such a beautiful venue like Eden Restaurant.  

Budget per person: $20 to $30 per person
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