IKEA Singapore started its base at IKEA Alexandra. It was the good old days where my friends and I went for a hot plate of Swedish meatballs meal before proceeding to Queensway Shopping Centre. Years later, IKEA Singapore has opened another store at IKEA Tampines. It was a good news for the easterners. IKEA Singapore has a wide variety of household needs from clothes storage to kitchen cabinets to chairs and more. It is also a place great for family with young children. Young children can play for up to 1 hour in the enchanted Swedish Forest while we shop at IKEA. After a long day shopping, it was rewarding to have a good meal at IKEA restaurant.

ikea singapore

IKEA Singapore Fish and chips set with apple juice and chocolate mousse. Price: S$7.50

Looking on first sight, the fish batter looks dark brown. It seems the hot oil had been recycling. However the fish fillet was soft, fresh and tasted better with mayonnaise sauce.

ikea singapore

IKEA Singapore in-house apple juice tasted similar to the ones you got from Peel Fresh or Fruit Tree.

ikea singapore

IKEA Singapore chocolate mousse. The mousse was neither soft nor fluffy, and overly sweet.

ikea singapore

IKEA Singapore all-time favourite Fried chicken wings. Crispy on the outside and soft on the side! It’s not deep fried, but oven-baked. Price: S$8/ 6 pieces or S$3/ 2 pieces.

ikea singapore

The usual weekday dinner crowd. Queue at either Line 1 or 2 for non-halal foods. Halal section is located on the right side at IKEA Tampines Restaurant. Be prepared to queue for at least 30 minutes.

ikea singapore

IKEA Singapore new Nordic fruit water which comes with lesser sugar. And its free flow together with other cold drinks.

ikea singapore

You should not miss IKEA Bistro located at the exit of IKEA Singapore.

How to buy a Vanilla ice cream for only S$0.50 from IKEA Singapore?

  1. Queue up at IKEA Bistro, pay and get an IKEA ice cream coin and your empty cone.
  2. Place your empty cone on the lever and insert the coin into the self serve ice cream machine.
  3. Press once on the button at center.
  4. Your vanilla ice cream cone is ready to be served.

ikea singapore

Follow the same procedures for the new frozen yogurt. I think the frozen yogurt machine was faulty as I do not see any strawberry sauce or raspberry and blueberry sauce toppings. It was a cup of plain frozen yogurt for S$1. I would prefer some sauce or toppings as the plain yogurt tasted too sour by itself.


  • Apply for free IKEA Family Card for a cup of coffee or tea on every visit to IKEA restaurant.
  • Do not arrive on an empty stomach on peak hours.

*No Service charge(10%) and GST(7%).

-We paid for our meal.

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Budget Per Pax


How to go Ikea Tampines
Restaurant Operating Hours

Open daily.
Weekdays: 9.30AM – 10PM
Weekends: 9AM – 10PM

Address and Contact

60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764

Contact: 6786 6868

Reservation not allowed.

Travel and Parking

Free Parking available at IKEA Tampines from 7AM to 11PM.

Free IKEA Shuttle Bus Service from Tampines MRT Exit B. Wait along the shelter outside Mr Bean.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;

Walk 198 metres to the bus stop at Tampines MRT, Tampines Avenue 4 for about 3 minutes.

Board Bus 27, 168 at Tampines MRT (76141), Tampines Avenue 4. Alight at Before Tampines Expressway, Tampines Avenue 10, 8 stops later for about 8 minutes.

Walk 216 metres to IKEA Tampines for about 3 minutes.

Exit B;

Walk 185 metres to the bus stop at Pasir Ris Interchange, Pasir Ris Drive 3.

Board Bus 58 at Pasir Ris Interchange (77009), Pasir Ris Drive 3. Alight at After Tampines Expressway, Tampines Avenue 10, 8 stops later for about 7 minutes.

Walk 137 m to IKEA Tampines for about 2 minutes.

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Ikea Tampines

Food Quality




      Value for Money





          • All-day free parking.
          • Crispy chicken wings.
          • Tasty swedish meatballs.


          • Hard to find seats.